Once regarded as luxury, mobile phones have now become the thing nearest to our hearts. We can’t live without our mobile phones for a single hour, forget about the whole day. It has become like food and water for us as connectivity with the world in today’s fast moving life has become really very crucial. However, talking about the mobile phones, one thing that strike our minds is which mobile phones of the world have remained most celebrated up till now.

Let’s have a sneak peek to the top ten mobile phones sold worldwide.

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Nokia 1100

m 1 Release Year: 2003
Unit Sold: 250 millions

Nokia 1110

m 2 Release Year: 2005
Unit Sold: 250 millions

Nokia 1200


m 3 Release Year: 2007
Unit Sold: 150 millions

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Nokia 5230


m 4 Release Year: 2009
Unit Sold: 150 millions

Nokia 3210

m 5 Release Year: 1999
Unit Sold: 160 millions

Nokia 6600

m 6 Release Year: 2003
Unit Sold: 150 millions

Nokia 2600(2610/2626/2630)


m 7 Release Year: 2004
Unit Sold: 135 millions

Motorola RAZR V3

m 8 Release Year: 2004
Unit Sold: 130 millions

Nokia 1600(1650/1661)


m 9 Release Year: 2006
Unit Sold: 130 millions

Motorola C200

m 10 Release Year: 2003-2006
Unit Sold: 60 millions

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