Twitter has become a microblogging site not just for celebrities and individuals, but also for brands out there looking to increase awareness about them among public, build trust with their customers and so many other things. Getting followed by more and more people on twitter means more and more people are interested in you and that they trust you whoever you are, whatever you do. Usually those who have more number of followers are found to be more successful than those with less number of followers.

Here we have compiled a list of top 10 most followed people on Twitter.

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Justin Bieber

twitter 1 44,095,743 Followers
23369 Tweets

Katy Perry

twitter 2 42,130,957 Followers
4,941 Tweets

Lady Gaga


twitter 3 40,032,516 Followers
3,141 Tweets


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Barack Obama


twitter 4 36,142,346 Followers
9,929 Tweets

Taylor Swift

twitter 5 33,540,326 Followers
1,919 Tweets


twitter 6 31,460,930 Followers
8,306 Tweets

Britney Spears


twitter 7 31,444,233 Followers
2,546 Tweets

Justin Timberlake

twitter 8 25,256,587 Followers
1,760 Tweets

Jennifer Lopez


twitter 9 23,159,981 Followers
2,487 Tweets


twitter 10 21,995,050 Followers
2,046 Tweets

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