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Facebook Live is one of the most powerful features to connect with the followers. If you want to actively engage your followers and grow your audience, then you must go live with Facebook Live.

With this boosting feature, you have the potential to share your creative expression with the audience at the speed of light on the social media. You can go virtual from anywhere in the world with the comfort of your home and improve the personal branding.

In this article, you will learn what all you should do to effectively improve the personal branding using Facebook live.

1) Make your Audience’s Experience fun and Entertaining

Facebook is the social networking platform where most of the people come to hangout. You can entertain your audience and make their experience more fun by sharing a funny and lively video. This way you can improve the communication strategy of your brand and can generate more views.

2) You can Broadcast Live Events on Facebook Live

If you are attending an event that could interest your audience, then you can do the live streaming with Facebook Live. Any event, concert or meeting that your audience would like to attend can be broadcasted with this powerful feature. The audience would really like it because they will get the first hand information of the event without waiting for it to arrive in the news.

3) Offer Your Audience a Taste of your Brand’s Experience

Host a live event where you give your potential customers a tour of your store, services or products. With Facebook live, you get a huge potential to provide your customers a real time experience of your brand. It also gives you an exposure to educate new and existing customers’ about your brand.

4) Broadcast When Most people Can Watch You

The best way to reach out to your audience is to start the live streaming broadcast video at the time when most of the people hang out on Facebook. Experiment and find out the right time when most of the people can watch you.  As per the studies, it is revealed that to maximize your reach you should post on Thursday and Friday between 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

5) You can Promote Your Upcoming Event

A great way to announce your upcoming event is to do it through Facebook Live. Plan an event and create a post to let your followers know what you are going to bring for them. And share specific details about your event with a live streaming video.

While promoting an event create an easy to remember URL that is easy to track. This way you can collect signups for your event.

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6) Tease your Products

You can provide a sneak peak about your product which is yet to be launched on your website. Tease the new product to the customers by revealing its benefits and features on a Facebook Live video platform. It lets you improve the personal branding of your brand by promoting your product and making your audience excited about it.

7) You can make your Brand look more human

With the help of Facebook Live videos you can make your brand look more human. Broadcasting live videos and interviews boost your popularity over the internet. You can easily win the trust of the people by interacting with them live as authenticity is the key to the customer’s heart.

8) Educate your Audience with Facebook Live

You can identify the content that your target audience needs by identifying their problems and needs.  And, then deliver them the content which they would love to read and share. Spreading knowledge is always valuable and doing so through live streaming is an effective way. By sharing valuable content over a live streaming video you can boost your audience engagement very rapidly.

9) Perform Live Customer Service

You can easily resolve the issues of your customer by contacting them via Facebook Live and interact with them in real time. This feature lets you get in touch with them personally and know them better. You can provide customer service to a large group of people at once. You can raise issues in a Facebook Live video and ask the viewers to provide a feedback.

10) Conduct Live Q/A Sessions

People pay more attention to live Q/A sessions and this gives your brand an additional form of authenticity. You can interact with your customers in a better and efficient way when you conduct a live Q/A session on Facebook Live. During these sessions users get actively engaged with your brand and ask their questions.

We hope that this magnificent, free and powerful tool will help you improve the personal branding of your brand. So, build awareness about the products and services of your brand by embarking on a journey of Facebook Live streaming.

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