Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is definitely an incredible tool for marketers who are willing to invest and get a good traffic to their site leading to sales. However, you must know that PPC should be the last step taken by you when you have just entered in affiliate marketing. There are some other effective ways that you can carry out in order to get traffic to your site. You can bring the potential customer to your landing page for minimal charges by other internet marketing tools. However, a well set up PPC Campaign can drive a lot of potential customer to your site and does wonders in generating revenue for your company.

However, at any point of time do not forget that you are paying your money for each click that they make and so if these clicks are not getting converted to sales ,you are wasting your time and money both. For you to understand this fact an act wisely we are going to present three significant tips about PPC marketing that you should always follow.

Declare Negative Keywords

Three Ultimate PPC tips For Your Business 1You must know to how the declaration of negative keywords function for you .Let me explain you in detail. Let’s take an example here, suppose you are selling hand bags and you want people who search for hand bags to come to your site and buy hand bags. However, even if the users type cheap hand bags they are directed to your site and there if they did not find the handbags cheaper, they walk away making that click waste for you. This is where negative keywords play a role. You can go ahead and let Google know that you do not want any clicks if these words are searched by the customer while creating a campaign for you. And that is why these keywords are called negative keywords. You should never forget to declare negative keywords for you to get the more refined audience leading to the lead generation and sales.

Use exact match or phrase instead Broad Match

Three Ultimate PPC tips For Your Business 2What happens in case of broad match is that even if you don’t want the search engine to show your ad for some specific keywords, it will do that as those keywords seems relevant to the search engine being the part of your keywords. However, by using exact match or phrase you can limit search engine to show the ads only when exact match keywords or phrase is typed in by the customer. It helps decrease the impression count and in turn augments your click through rate adding value to your ads and campaign.
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Three Ultimate PPC tips For Your Business 3What should be your maximum cost per click bidding? It’s one of the most important parts of your PPC campaign that you need to think about. You should not waste money by unnecessarily bidding more than what’s required. Let’s suppose you get you get 3 conversions for every 100 clicks that you receive on your advertisement. So, if we evaluate that how much would be the Max CPC Bid on the payout of the product. Let’s say, you make $ 30 per conversions, when multiplied by 3 and divided by hundred that would be $0.90, which is what your Max CPC Bid should be for that product.

It is now when you know these relevant facts, you should start enacting replacing the mistakes with proper actions to decrease impression counts and increase the CTR. If online marketing has offered you with some real good tools to evaluate in and out of your business campaign, why would you lag behind not implementing your actions accordingly?

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