Social media is in for quite a long time and that many businesses are leveraging it to accomplish multiple marketing goals. But have you ever thought that what would be the pillars Social media success is based on. What would be the factors that account for a successful social media campaigning? Here are three things social media success is based on.



marketability What do you mean by marketability? It is the capability to market your products or services effectively. Social media is a great platform for marketing your product if leveraged well. However, you must present yourself well while marketing yourself on social media.

Your social profile happens to be the first impression for people. You demonstrate your skills and professionalism through this multi-faceted business card. Make sure you highlight your expertise and individual achievements.

Your professional headline should speak about what you do. There should be a call-to action in it explaining what value you bring to your audience and it will boost customer engagement.



connectivity Connectivity means how you connect to your audience and that you should be well connected to your current customers, partners, clients and even future prospect as that will open up new business opportunities.

It’s a very common belief that the bigger is your network, better it is for your business no matter what. Of course, it is imperative to have a bigger audience but then that must be relevant. Otherwise you know the pros and cons of viral marketing and at the same time you also know that how easily things get viral on social media.

Take LinkedIn for instance, while connecting to someone on this platform, you should never try sending the canned LinkedIn message. Instead try sending a note with your connection invitation, which is comprised of information like reason to connect with you, who are you, how do you know the person and so on.



engagement Just like the way you need to do some activity in any other channel of digital marketing to engage your audience you need to do on social media as well. It could be anything or say any piece of content that adds value. Produce and disseminate innovative, compelling and interesting content. The more you engage your customer, the more will be business opportunities for you.

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So, if you really want to make most out of social media, keep these three pillars in mind and act accordingly. Make sure you design and execute these intertwined pillars in the correct order i.e. creating a well thought out great looking profile, connecting to the market and finally engaging with the help of consistent thoughtful content. It will help you have a more engaged profile and establish you as an expert.

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