The social network most celebrated among the business people is believed to be linked in which has become an incredible tool to create new connections and to help job seekers. But do we all know how to use it the right way? Although there are a number of sources like websites, blogs to tell you about tips to use linked in however, there could be something you might be practicing wrong and that you shouldn’t do on linked In.

Here we have compiled a few things you should never do on Linked In.


Carrying on with an incomplete profile

d m 6 Whether you are searching for a job or looking to network through Linked In, a completely filled in profile assures you the success. Recruiters use keywords and titles while searching for a candidate and if your profile is well optimized according to the search engines, chances of you getting found go higher. However, if it is not the job that you are looking and simply networking on Linked In even then completing your profile helps people know more about you and remember you.

Adding connection just for the heck of enlarging the list

d m 7 Quality matters more than quantity especially when it is about the social networking sites. Simply adding people to your list even if you don’t know them will only create an unnecessary swarm on your account while it is valuable to create a presence and add your contacts which are relevant. Avoid adding anyone to your account you are not familiar with or not looking to connect with them about a business deal opportunity.

Being Impersonal in your messages


d m 8 Almost all of us never prefer to get those automated messages that come when you connect with someone. So, instead of using the automated messages, give a personal touch to your messages when you connect with someone and take it as an opportunity to start a conversation especially with somebody you are planning to do business with or connect with regarding a job. Try making your messages as personal and meaningful as possible.


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Promoting business 24/7


d m 9 Linked in helps you grow and maintain your network. It also helps businesses at the same time however businesses should take care that they aren’t solely promoting their product or service all the time. There are people even on linked in who constantly try to sell their product or service which seems very annoying at times. One can however make their business promotion campaign useful to their connections by posting relevant and useful information, blogs, articles and so on.

Missing an active presence

d m 10 Setting up the account and then abandoning it for a few months won’t do any good in anyway. It’s not that you have to post something daily. Posting relevant content about your industry and interacting with other connections will create a positive image for you in the minds of recruiters. Hence, try posting and interacting with people and groups on Linked In. Try establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source.

These were a few things you should avoid doing on Linked In. Linked In is a wonderful platform for job seekers and businesses however if they use it appositely. So take care about the above mentioned mistakes that you should not do on linked In and get benefited by this social media outlet in a big way.


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