It is a world of change whether natural or manmade. However, for now we are going to talk about those changes that were brought about by human beings. There were so many things that created a buzz when introduced but gradually their value and usefulness faded away and it is now that they have gone forever. Let’s have a sneak peek to some such things:


gf 1 Once, widely used for saving data to removable diskettes, floppy disk drive has now been unseated by various data storage methods with much greater capacity such as memory cards, USB flash drives, and portable external hard disk and so on.

Windows 95 maze screensaver

gf 2 Really a very interesting screen saver that seemed like a never ending labyrinth happened to be everybody’s first choice when it was introduced however people hardly remember it anymore. Watch it here

VHS player


gf 3 VHS Player or say the Video Home System Player, a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard developed by Victor Company of Japan, was loved by people when introduced in the market however; the advent of optical disc and then DVDs made them to go underground permanently.

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gf 4 Do you remember those sleek and handy yet extremely useful palm tops or say personal data assistant? Did you ever think that anything would ever replace it but they are actually considered obsolete now with the widespread adoption of smartphones.

Phone directories

gf 5 Almost a decade ago, the first thing that you would have done to search for a contact was to look for it in the telephone directory to fetch out the details. But the rise of the Internet and smart phones in the 21st century significantly reduced the need for a paper phone book.

Public pay phones

gf 61 You will never forget how public pay phones helped when you had to make an urgent call on your way and you had no mobile phones at that time. However, the widespread adoption of mobile phones have made these public pay phones to get hidden somewhere in the dark and people hardly feel the need to use them.

Roll Film


gf 71 The arrival of digital Camera has greatly replaced the roll films and roll films Camera, which used to be a must have for everybody some 12-13 years ago.

Polaroid instant camera

gf 8 How can you forget the Polaroid instant Camera that instantly generated a developed film image? However, yet again the digital camera replaced it in such a way that it would be difficult to be comprehended in words.



gf 9 In the year 2008, Orkut was one of the most visited websites in India but with the advent of Facebook, its popularity went down all of a sudden and now you will hardly find anybody hanging out on Orkut.

Maps for navigation purpose

gf 10 How outdated that sounds now to use maps for navigation purpose but there was a time when we actually did it. But then, now with the advent of many gadgets and apps meant for navigation such as Google maps, iTrail Map etc, have made the task quite easier for us.
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