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Silly mistakes can cost you big money! Really it’s true! Sometimes you don’t realize what mistakes you are making and by the time you realize you have already paid for it. This is what happens with PPC marketing as well. If you go ahead and review Google Adwords accounts if given a chance, you will find that there are a number of such common mistakes that people commit over and over again and they keep wondering why they are not getting desired results.

This is why we went ahead and compiled all those silly mistakes making a checklist for you so that next time if results aren’t good you can go through it and figure out what mistakes were thwarting the success of your PPC campaign.Let’s go through them one by one with resolutions to them.

1) Intermittent Logins

1 So many PPC managers open the account and then leave it as if they have forgotten they had to make alterations themselves and that their PPC account is not going to manage itself. Talking about numbers only 1% of small businesses login to their Adwords account on a weekly basis. Sometimes, it seems as if they aren’t serious about it as they login to their Adwords account quite intermittently.

However, for your PPC marketing to work for you, you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your accounts at a regular interval. And the idea is it won’t take your whole day, you just have to contribute some 30 minutes of yours and that too on a weekly basis.

2) Ignoring Quality Scores as a metric

2 People often overlook quality score as a metric, for they think you never know when Google prizes you with a good quality score or penalizes you for a bad one. However, there is an easy logic behind Google’s quality scores and that it depends upon quality and relevancy of your keywords, landing pages and PPC ads. The more relevant these components are the more will be your quality score.

Besides, Google determines your cost per click through it and also determines your ad rank by multiplying it to your maximum bid. Higher your quality scores are, lower will be your cost per click. Hence, you must not ignore quality score and should always try optimizing it.

3) Overlooking Mobile Traffic

3 People often ignore the mobile traffic coming to their website for they think they are not that valuable when compare to that of desktop, which is actually against the current trends. On the contrary, many recent studies reveal that mobile users convert quicker than others, for they want the product or the service immediately. Hence, you must optimize different components of your ads such as call-to-action, messaging etc for mobile visitors to have the maximum conversions.

4) Terrible Keyword Targeting

4 This one is again a mistake that many marketers often make. They most of the time don’t pay their attention towards an effective keyword targeting. Most of the time you will find that they use broad match keywords instead of using phrase match or exact match or they don’t make use of negative keywords and end up paying for unnecessary clicks that could have been avoided. Hence, make sure you declare your negative keywords to Google and make use of phrase match or exact match instead of broad match.

5) Neglecting landing page optimization

5 In PPC marketing, landing page is where your visitors become leads so how can you blow off the landing page experience but it’s a fact many marketers often do. Even worse, sometimes they don’t have a landing page; they think their homepage would do their work.

An effective landing page helps you convert clicks into conversions. So, the first thing is you need to have relevant landing pages for your ads and secondly, depending upon the results you get you must optimize your landing page for user experience. To know more about how to optimize landing pages you can go through our article- ‘How to Optimize a Landing Page to Generate More Business Leads’.

Hence, if your PPC campaign isn’t giving the results you were expecting go ahead and see if you aren’t making any of these mistakes. Besides, if you have any query regarding PPC marketing do let us know in comments.

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