Every year before strategizing a new blue print for your business you look back and see how well did you implement all your strategies, what all tactics and techniques did you employ and of course how they performed the last year.

It’s really a very good practice however while you are going through your own campaigns’ performances, you must think about how your competitors or other successful marketers performed and what you can learn from them.

2013 has really been a very happening year as far as ad campaigns are concerned. Different companies had different approaches towards it and whatever strategy they had, here are 10 ad campaigns that rocked in 2013.

Dove – “Real Beauty Sketches”


It was really a great idea to carry out such a compelling social experiment that proves to women something very important and that is they are more beautiful than they think, knowing the fact that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

This emotionally powerful ad had a great potential to connect with and entertain the consumers in an amazing way and it did hit a nerve. It was one of the most shared videos of all time.


Extra – “Origami”


You need to make ads that tell stories in an authentic and compelling way as they are more likely to the attention of the masses and stay with them for a long time. Unless you have some degree of empathy, you really can’t exist. So, try striking a chord emotionally with the audience so that it doesn’t falls on cold hearts and deaf ears.

This is what Extra Gum’s did through their ad called “Origami”, in which a father is teaching his daughter to make origami cranes using gum wrappers, how he continues to do that with his daughter growing up and finally one day while sending his daughter off to college he drops a box accidently and finds that it’s full of his paper cranes. The ad closes with a voiceover saying: “Sometimes the little things last the longest.”


Chipotle – “The Scarecrow”


This was a three-minute-plus animated short film in which a scarecrow goes to work at the “Crow Foods Incorporated” factory where he sees chickens being injected with a green fluid, packages being labeled as a “100% Beef-ish,” and cows in too-small metal crates that makes him visibly upset. The ad had everything- amazing animation, interesting music and Fiona that made it stand out to a lot of people.


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Guinness – “Friendship”


It was really an amazing ad with six men playing an intense game of wheelchair basketball and what happens when they finish their game. How the ad reveals at the end of the game that one of the six men was actually physically disabled and that he needed a mobility device to participate. The ad closes itself with the voiceover “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character” while the six friends enjoy a few post-game beers.


Budweiser – “The Clydesdales Brotherhood”


This 60-second ad clicked on many levels. The use of the Clydesdales reminds the viewer of Budweiser’s strong tradition in America and is a powerful symbol of the brand’s tradition. This was rated as the top Super Bowl ad and was one of the most viral ads of the year.


Kmart – “Ship My Pants”


The ad was quite humorous and interesting which made it go viral. Although, they took a risk by making this ad but they got the attention they were after.


GoldiBlox – “Princess Machines”


This two-minute ad campaign from the toy company GoldieBlox crushes female stereotypes. In the ad, three young girls are playing with the Rube Goldberg machine they’ve assembled. It had a lesson that there are a million girls out there who are engineers but they are unaware of it.


Volvo Trucks – “The Epic Split”


The truck ad featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, was really liked by the experts. The ad was intriguing for a number of reasons one of which is the interesting use of celebrity, as to how Jean Claude Van Damme does what he is known for.


Ram Trucks – “Farmer”


Now when the advertising has become so targeted, the ad was actually very broad in its aspiration, which is rare. Ram is not talking only to farmers in the ad but was actually addressing to the farmer within us.


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 – “The Bear & The Hare”


The ad tells a story about an animal that had never seen Christmas and how someone gives him a Christmas. A perfect example of wonderful animation and soothing music and the ad ends with a message “give someone a Christmas, they will never forget it”.


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