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In our conversation we had Dikshant Kumar, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Social Media Analyst at Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd., Noida.

Read on the interview to know how DSIM’s training helped him to become a capable marketer.

Q1. Welcome Dikshant! What has been your education and where are you working currently?

Ans. Before learning digital marketing at DSIM, I pursued Master’s from University of Greenwich, UK.
Post training, I joined Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd as a Social Media Analyst. I do have almost 1+ year of experience in Marketing.
Q2. Oh Great! Why digital marketing?
Ans. I prevail from marketing background and with my interests, always wanted to do something resourceful. Digital Marketing gives you that as it is an ingenious field.
Q3. Why DSIM as you must have had several other options?
Ans. The recommendation came from one of my friend who has been DSIM’s ex-trainee. I had actually heard a lot about it and its reputation as an institute convinced me.
Q4. How do you find that training has made involvement in your career?
Ans. Now, I understand what digital marketing is. I learnt a lot as DSIM has broad curriculum and it teaches you each prevalent area of the subject.
Now, I can proudly say that I am a skilled digital marketing professional and it’s all because of DSIM.
Q5. How has been your experience at DSIM?
Ans. Overall, good learning experience! DSIM makes you capable to chase your goals. Trainers are well-informed.
They teach you everything effectively and that imparts abilities into you.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s Training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.  7.5.
Q7. What you think digital marketing will obtain within the years?
Ans. It’s no surprise that digital marketing is seeing a massive inclination in industry. As everybody knows, this will grow only.
Q8. Your message to young individuals looking forward to digital marketing career?
Ans. Unquestionably, go for it. The scope is huge.
Marketing is continuously transforming and upgrading, and digital sphere brings a major contribution to it. Be informed of what you are doing, no one can stop you.
Thanks Dikshant! It was pleasure talking to you.
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