Coming directly to what we are going to discuss in this article, the secret behind accomplishing your marketing goals is to identify the relationship between each different marketing channel and how each one can complement the other.

While every scenario, website and industry is different, there are four concepts that most digital marketers are often found to be goofing up with. Let’s me walk you through them one by one.

Alignment with objectives

Going with the wind is such a contradictory matter that you are always unsure whether it is good or bad. The same way , I know, this ever growing digital environment is bombarded with a new app, social network, or marketing tool every day promising you to make things easier for you and boost your next campaign. But, if that particular thing isn’t giving results and helping you execute your business objectives, it is in vain even to go with the trend. Of course some of them might work! But at the end it is your business and you are the one who should take charge and say that No! If that’s not working for you, you are not going to go that way. Don’t forget your objectives and get distracted by any new trendy –looking or flashy gizmo.

May be the part of audiences you are targeting are going to come to you through the platform that you are already leveraging and not the one that seems sizzling at the time. So, the thumb rule says concentrate on the idea whether the platform you are leveraging or going to leverage will help you connect to your target audience and bring them to you or not. It is actually as simple as that!

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Understanding the customer’s behavior

A lot of marketers say they are trying to generate revenue through Behavior-Based Marketing but aren’t getting the results that many experts promise. But, let me ask them a question. Do they really understand their customers well and are they conducting this so-called contemporary although quite time-honored kind of marketing well. May be to some extent but not as perfectly as the customers would know themselves! Right? This is what the idea is!

Simply stop guessing about your customer’s behavior when you have a plethora of quality data at your disposal such as conversations on social media, search patterns and interactions with advertising. Access to these resources keep you informed and help you take and implement data driven decisions about how your customers are behaving. There are so many tools where you can start with such as Google Trends and Social Mention. Moreover, with the help of personalization software, identifying the personal data of the customer really becomes easy and that you can use it to inform user experiences in real-time. No more to say on this as this was enough to give you a glimpse of how to conduct the behavior-based marketing effectively.

The use of Metrics

Now, this is something which is actually a much talked about matter at present when a growing number of people are shifting their budget away from traditional to digital marketing for want of an ROI they want to achieve and that is the use of right metrics. Digital marketing is an ROI-driven marketing but there are a few things that need big considerations and so the idea is the concepts must be clear before you praise it or abuse it for anything it does with your business. In simple word, you need to work on ROI-Driven Metrics. May be you have ample time to measure too much but smart work is always better than a simple hard work.

So, understand that human being can’t act like cattle in the herd and so if a smart marketers need to identify as to which metrics is going to matter to his campaign to stop wasting valuable resources and producing misleading data
For instance, while deciding as to which metrics is good for you answer a simple question that what decision would you make differently if you knew this number and see you have a clear answer or not. If not? It’s a bad metric! Simple!

Moreover, any metric that you should work on must be about growing your business. I know its sound obvious but people still goof up! Pay your attention to the metrics that actually lead to conversions. Things like the steps taken by customer to convert, how to improve those steps and so on must be thought about and paid attention to. Ultimately, your main objective it so attain your bottom line. Work for your moolahs instead of leaving it to your moolahs to work for you.

Admitting the failure

There could be a program that’s not working for you the way you longed for. But just because, you can’t admit this failure, you sometimes end up wasting a lot of money on a campaign that could have been made much productive and effective with a few small tweaks only. You could have simply altered the way it was giving you results. This is why we say good marketers must be willing to fail not because failure is an award but that dealing with it becomes easier and moreover, you already know obstacles make you more tough and dynamic.

Of course, there are a few campaigns that are not going to work no matter how much tweaking you do. The idea is that you should try to learn to identify these situations and have the buoyancy to cut and run. And, the simple rule that works is to recognize as to when you should cut which program, try to figure out why is it failing.


Think about your bottom line and that will pave the way for almost everything that you need to work upon to accomplish your goals!

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