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It’s our basic trait, “We believe a story when it is shared by someone we know, appreciate and trust.” And, Influencers are people with the related impactful talent to tell our story to the audience, on our behalf.

And, it works as the best of the marketing solution. Moreover, influencer marketing platforms/software make these tasks easier, allowing businesses/brands/advertisers to track and meet their key influencers and take their assistance for viable brand promoting.

In this article, we have presented the best of the 25 influencer marketing platforms/software to help you rifle and catch new influencers within integral searchable marketplaces.

1) Buzzweb

Buzzweb is the service for those marketers who are looking for the precise audience targeting. With the help of variety search tools, one can find and reach to the most relevant for his/her brand influencers among 100K English-speaking bloggers. Buzzweb also offers a plenty of account analytics options and a “lists” feature that lets an advertiser sort influencers and stay organized.

2) Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an all-purpose influencer marketing tool used by businesses/brands to manage outreach campaigns across multiple projects. It allows marketers and companies to choose from thousands of influencers instantly with effective social and SEO insights in every niche. 14 day unlimited free trial/Paid.

3) BrandBacker

BrandBacker helps you build your band with influencers. Founded in 2001, it has become one of the more established influencer marketing platforms. With a reported network of over10,000 influencers in multiple countries, the platform helps you grow your brand’s audience through original content.

4) Blogmint

Blogmint, Asia’s first automated platform that connects brands and influencers. With this tool, your complete influencer marketing campaign remains a click away, from brand awareness to product launch. It helps brands/businesses identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. How does Blogmint work?

5) Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing and talent agency. The platform is home of the world’s top content creators. The brand’s influencer talent agency represents top social media influencers on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Snapchat.

It now leverages a reach of over 500 million and growing to pair social media creators with top brands.

6) Mustr

Mustr gives a stage to corporations and marketers to successfully oversee and organize a healthy online network of journalists, bloggers, and social influencers.

It helps you and your team, organize your network of journalists and bloggers and allows agencies & marketers to research, know and draw in exceedingly prescribed bloggers in any market and use them to create and share content to the correct group of audience.

7) Upfluence

With an attention to bloggers, Upfluence changes the way organizations can arrange, make, and convey on their content marketing procedures.

The platform essentially comprises of two different products that can be used independently or together: Reachr and Publishr; Reachr is the way brands discover influencers to produce content. By using Publishr, companies can work with as many writers as they wish at the same time. Get your demo.

8) Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo brings you the most shared links and key influencers for any topic or site. This platform is ideal for content strategy, outreach, and competitive research.

It has a powerful influencers search. You can find out influencers in any topic, area or location, as it works by filtering influencers and sharers based upon reach, authority, influence and engagement.

9) Crowdly

Crowdly is a well-known advocate marketing platform utilized by numerous organizations and brands to enable their influencer showcasing efforts with the assistance of right backers.

It helps businesses seek and identify their genuine advocates from social media networks and thereafter, use them for improved marketing and advertising of brands.

It furnishes you with a stage to associate with and deal with all your influencers from one dashboard.

10) Zoomph

Zoomph is an online networking advertising and influencer engagement stage used by marketers to advance their customers’ campaigns and content on social handles.

It empowers them to test, advance and share content to multiple networks from a single platform nad also gives thorough analytics into competitor campaigns and social media patterns.

11) InstaBrand

InstaBrand is an online platform to help brands locate the correct individuals to share their stories. It overcomes any issues amongst marketers and influencers by giving both sides a typical stage to meet and share common advantages.

.InstaBrand allows marketers and brands to find and connect with the most prominent content creators in their specialty to address their crowd.

12) Inkybee

Inkybee is for simple and smart blogger outreach.

Inkybee, an outreach marketing and management platform is intended to help marketers and agencies discover the right content and influencers for better social media advertising. It also provides you tools to research clients’ business and search & find the right influencers for them. Free trial/Paid

13) Social Buzz

Social Buzz helps you find the right influencers to promote your business.

Social Buzz is an online marketplace linking brands and businesses with social networking influencers across Instagram, Blog, YouTube and Twitter to create informal marketing campaigns.

The software allows businesses to track and find the best influencers for their brands from among thousands of users.

14) Pitchbox

Pitchbox helps establishments track and find the best talented influencers, bloggers, reviewers and experts in their functions and build genuine, personal connections with them.

The software is suitable for SEO companies, marketers, brands, growth hackers, and any other business of any size.

15) Onalytica

Onalytica is an exceptionally compelling influencer marketing platform that explores and finds top influencers for the particular content delivered by the brand or marketer.

Brands can then pick the best influencer to share the content within their grids of potential users and consumers on social media handles and other platforms.

16) Traackr

Traackr is an influencer marketing and management platform.

It gives businesses the chance to know their key influencers, build strong relationships, and measure their efficacy for the brand marketing.

It is basically a community of influencers, who know individuals and influence brands & businesses and affect buyers’ decisions with honest reviews.

17) FameBit

FameBit makes it easy for brands to discover, enlist and connect with top influencers and makers for advancement on YouTube, Facebook, and other social stages.
It serves as a solid innovation for organizations to deal with their complete influence marketing campaigns, from employing creators to allocating tasks to approval of content.

18) Influitive

Influitive is an advocate and influence marketing platform that allows businesses and marketers to find and recruit top advocates or influencers to support their marketing campaigns, share great reviews & references, and state new clients.

Influitive gives advertisers the chance to profit by their glad clients and influencers who can promote the products and services with their reliable circle through honest reviews and word of mouth.

19) Webfluential

Webfluential is a worldwide community of influencers and brands that meet up to help each other achieving their objectives.

The platform helps marketers and brands by giving them top social influencers in every function to promote their products and campaigns to social media users through directed content.

20) GroupHigh

GroupHigh’s rich platform permits users to discover bloggers based on topics, locations, engagement, popularity, and more.

This blogger outreach and influence marketing software is an online tool to help firms do successful blogger outreach to find and engage top influencers and bloggers.

21) Markerly

Markerly helps brands and organizations find really supportive influencers to assemble brands’ notoriety in the objective market.

It permits brands to meet and know their influencers, and leverage them to share genuine surveys and content to different purchasers.

Organizations can likewise track clients that are in contact with their current brand influencers and target them with the correct content created and promoted by dependable promoters.

22) Little Bird

Little Bird helps organizations find the best and most important influencers and content, and use them to build better marketing plans.

It has practical experience in giving solid, on-request influencers at scale with the capacity to deal with all connections from a solitary stage.

Brands can make the best content to draw in buyers and take the assistance of influencers to share that content with the right audience.

23) Niche.co

Niche.co is an influencer stage with a remarkable web-based social networking family. It got started in 2013 and found early achievement with Vine battles in the realm of film and retail.

As per their website, it works with over 30,000 content creators. For the profit of everyone involved, it creates a single profile for their creators that aggregates all content from their various social profiles.

24) Izea

Izea connects influential content creators with the world’s biggest brands.

The tactics incorporated have allowed Izea to stockpile a database of 250,000+ influencers operating across multiple social platforms, filtered by reach, quality, and other metrics.

 25) Jamballa

Jamballa is a blogger outreach online community that has thousands of professional bloggers and market leaders from various industries.

It delivers a common platform for brands to meet bloggers, who can aid them with their content marketing campaigns and strategies. The best measure is that bloggers are free to choose the brands they love and brands are merely linked with bloggers who are pertinent to their trade and markets.

So, here we reach summing up our superior list of 25 best of the influencer marketing platforms and hope, it supports intensifying your brand’s presence in marketplace.

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