I hope you must not have forgotten how various technology trends revolutionized Businesses in 2013 and now it’s the time to prepare yourself for 2014 and identify with how technology trends will impact your business strategy this year.

However, before we go ahead with the top technology trends that will impact businesses in 2014 let’s have a sneak peek to some of the most important technology trends of 2013 in order to have a better picture of how things have changed and will change in future.

Technology Trends that impacted Business Strategy in 2013

• Widespread use of internet made physical and digital worlds to fuse together.
• The increasing popularity of Facebook and its ubiquity led to the explosion of what we say social network making various other networks to use Facebook’s login mechanism as a gateway to smaller and more focused social networks.
• Consumers getting increasingly relied on their smartphones for almost everything whether it was researching, purchasing or just anything led to brands going compatible for mobile marketing and cater to the needs of mobile audiences.
• IT professionals increasing attention towards businesses made businesses to set aside more time and budget towards intangibles around IT such as implementation support, communication plans and continuous user training.
• Although the world almost became flat however instead of people losing their jobs it lead to reverse outsourcing and the discussion of off-shoring was replaced by smarter relocation of labor based on key skills and job prospects in market places.
Agile remained popular amongst organization except for those who either had limited resources to make the investment needed to make it a success or were not solely focused on software product development, for agile-ish development needs less ongoing support from the client.
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So, these were a few very important technology trends and their impact on businesses last year. Let’s go through the top technology trends for this year and see how things are going to be changed impacting your business.

Technology Trends that’ll impact Business Strategy in 2014







We are always in hunt for opportunities to curtail costs, boost efficiencies and gain competitive advantage and to accomplish these goals businesses across all industries are focused on IT. Although, it is not easy for organizations to use the emerging and disruptive technologies like enterprise social networking and context -aware mobile apps along with the creation of public and private cloud but then it is actually helping them to assess and manage the consequences these technologies may have on their business. Hence, business leaders need to know, prioritize and apply these new technologies to their business in order to achieve their overall business goals.

Here are a few technology trends which are more or less going to impact your business strategy in 2014:

• Digital convergence with physical world will erode boundaries

If you remember the technology trends of 2013 as to how the widespread use of internet made it mandatory for the physical and digital world to merge together, you can easily guess about its status in the year 2014. Internet usage is only and only going to increase whether it is for personal, professional, government or organizational purpose, making this convergence to erode the boundaries. Remarkably, the outcome of this trend will in turn fuel this trend more and more.

• Digital status will factor for business’s success or failure

As per the latest trends, the digital status of your business in 2014 will account for the overall status of your business. It is no more an ‘add on ‘for your business. Not just you need to have a digital marketing strategy but that it should be strategized or implemented well. While not having a digital marketing strategy can thwart your business’s success, it’s wrong or in appropriate implementation can hamper your business’s success as well.

• Cloud technology will become more celebrated

Cloud computing isn’t a new thing and it has been trending for past five year. Even this year more and more business will be adopting some form of cloud technology for it provides a range of benefits whether it is curtailing associated costs, managing software updates and the hardware components year after year or managing associated IT hours. As while hosting an application in cloud most of the related processing is done over internet, it reduces the depreciation on laptop and desktop workstations. Not just that this technology provides an additional level of backup for specific data types and a better access to your data.

• Data will drive business decisions more and more

As now businesses have access to some more efficient and streamlined data, it is certainly going to impact the business strategy. Whether it is a startup or a large business, data is going to be used for its innovation and expansion. While factoring anew business strategy, large Businesses will be using statistical analysis and complex data however small business will be concentrating on various key performance indicators or say budgetary data.

• Social Media Marketing will need more variety

Businesses in past few years have been making use of social media for various purposes however they have preferred sticking to generally the major players like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But now things are gradually changing and social media platforms like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram are gaining grounds for they have bestowed businesses with a plenty of new options letting them to create engaging content in a variety of media forms and eventually build their customer base across more channels than ever before. As a result, businesses are getting inclined towards different potential social media outlets in order to reach maximum number of consumers and it even proves to be very beneficial for them.

• Mobile-compatible Content will be essential

It is expected that there will be more smartphones than humans around the world in the coming years. With an augmentation in the number of smartphone users in the world, the mobile internet usage is constantly increasing making it mandatory to create content that is accessible to mobile users. Whether you get it accomplished by an alternate mobile version of a website or making use of responsive web design but it is crucial to give a good experience to even those who are browsing via mobile devices than to lose the customer.

Hence, these were some of the technology trends to look for this year. Hopefully, you will be taking care of all these while creating or altering you business strategy. Besides, if you have come across any other, do let us know in comments as that will be valuable for us.

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