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Nobody in the world minds if something comes for free. So is the case with marketers as well. However, remember, while utilizing the resources that are there for free, you should always be careful about what your marketing needs and make investments if required.

There are so many channels like SEO, social media and so on that don’t require much investment from you and that you can promote your business organically but sometimes you need the pace of a hare and not the tortoise to gear up your marketing and so sometimes you need to make investments by employing tactics like PPC advertising.

Now, what is PPC advertising?

13 Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is actually advertising over the internet where in advertisers pay the publisher when their ad is clicked by the audience. It is also known as cost per click marketing. Basically, in PPC marketing your ads are shown on other websites and if the user clicks on it the advertiser has to pay fixed rate for each click. Well! The idea behind it is to drive more and more traffic to your website and generate more leads converting them into sales eventually.

Why PPC Advertising is so important?

210 PPC advertising, if carried out well, can not only prove to be effective but also cost-effective form of advertising. It is a great way to compliment your inbound marketing efforts and boost your outreach. PPC advertising helps your marketing in many ways. Let’s go through five most primaries of them.

Instant results

PPC ads can not only be launched quickly but they tend to bring targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website instantaneously.

Specific targeting

While running a PPC ad campaign you can not only target your audience depending upon their region but also the time at which they should see your ads. Besides, you can create different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics that can significantly increase the quality of website traffic.

Testing and Optimization

In PPC advertising, you can test different ads for keywords and according to the results they bring. Depending on the results you can optimize your ads and get better results. PPC also allows you to carry out landing page A/B testing as to which pages convert at the highest rate and which pages to direct the traffic to.

Maximize the ROI (Return on Investment)

In PPC advertising you pay only when your ads are clicked, which makes it easy to manage costs, track conversions, and determine your ROI. Besides, you can easily get your cost-per-click reduced by carrying out the PPC ad campaigns prudently and smartly as the more relevant your keywords are, the better will be the quality scores that Google prizes you and the lesser will be your cost-per conversion and cost-per-click.


PPC advertising not only helps you reach the audiences but they help you reach your targeted audiences or say your potential buyers who are most likely to buy from you. It expands your visibility and helps you establish your company as a leader in your industry.

Many researches in the past have proved that companies from start-ups through to multi-national global enterprises invest a significant part of their online marketing budgets in PPC. Besides, if you want to go through some case studies as to how companies have generated great revenues through PPC advertising, you can visit here!

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