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[pullquote align=”normal”]“Marketing is storytelling.”- Seth Godin [/pullquote]

 Why Storytelling is a powerful way to breathe life into your brand?

Because it differentiates you from your competitors in the space.

Emotional branding has always remained a progressive marketing strategy and holds immense potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention, ultimately helping you to win over.

Now, the question is How?

A great story personalizes your brand and so, positions you in the most effective way. It works as a bridge to connect you to your ideas, products, and services, from your audience perspective.

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What our marketers say?

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“The shortest distance between a human brain and the truth is a story” – Anthony De Mello

 “People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.”- Arianna Huffington

“Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.”- Brian Eisenberg

“Your story will be unique to you, your brand, and the experience you are trying to create.”- Robert Rose

Storytelling in 2017?

Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept. It has

A recent study has revealed that 70% of internet marketers have plans to increase their use of visual stories and marketing elements in 2017 and beyond.

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Here, the study explores different aspects of storytelling and shows how you can rely upon this fact to make your brand powerful.

Why we need Stories?

  • Without an effective story, even the most valuable and prevailing ideas are tend to get ignored.
  • As a human we need a feeling to connect with ideas. We need emotions to make decisions.
  • Stories are what people remember. Even when they forget names and faces, they rarely forget the story and how it made them feel.
  • With a story, you can break through the noise of your competition and leave an enduring impression on audience.

Power of Storytelling for Brands

  • Storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools of marketer to reach their target audience.
  • Stories connect with our sentiments, and our feelings drive our decisions.
  • It’s a cost-nothing strategy for brands because all it requires imagination and creativity- not Money.

For example, Dove has been successful at connecting their brand to an emotional story ‘Let’s Break the Rules of Beauty’ about inspire women to develop a positive relationship with beauty, because when they recognize the beauty in themselves, they have powerful ability to positively impact the next generation.

Storytelling to Increase Conversions

A story that spreads is one that is relevant, easy to recall and easy to share.

Here are four ways to increase conversions through storytelling:

Content strategy is a well- designed by which you can create content, promote it, test your campaigns and track your progress.

  • Sway a story people already aware of

You could influence other people’s stories to create a powerful, excellent, popular part of content.

  • Being Conversational With Your Audience

Storytelling emphases on two-way communication and brings faster result. Getting a feedback from your target audience is important.

  • Focus on Emotions

Human brain responds to stories more than anything else. The essential emotions that influence audience can boost your conversions.

How Stories Help Your Business Grow?

  • Applications of storytelling to businesses are endless.
  • It works as a tool to understand the perspective or the challenge that a business is facing.

Stories Establish Trust

  • You can effectively share your story through the content and video.
  • A client that understands your brand’s story and passions will be more likely to trust your company.
  • The brands win when they connect with their audience.
  • Brands that make an emotional connection through storytelling, using language that relates to audience, triggering their pain points and giving them a solution, is the key to evoking a conversion.

What Makes a Great Brand Story?

Here are some of the compelling storytelling examples we’ve ever seen to help show just how powerful this drive could be.

Vicks- #TouchofCare

Brand Story: 

The story leads with the idea that ‘Family is where Care is’ portraying the redefinition of what a family means in today’s society while reasserting the importance of care.

‘A tale of a transgender’: The film captures how Gauri, a transgender woman, cared for Gayatri on her own against all odds, reflecting the challenges Gauri faces from society.

The success tune:
  • Weaves together two controversial topics – Adoption and Transgender rights
  • Addressing a sensitive point of the target audience
  • Oozing of emotions
  • Uploaded on YouTube on March 2017, garnered 6.9+ lakh views so far
  • 2 million views on Facebook with 14k reactions
  • 23k shares along with responses flooded on Twitter
  • Social media reach expanded
  • More share, more click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Built engagement with families

Dabur Vatika: #BraveAndBeautiful

Brand Story: 

The story, titled ‘Brave and Beautiful’, is a tribute to women who have battled cancer and have taken steps to live like normal people.

The film shows a caring mother and a sweet wife, a Cancer survivor, who is trying to get her ‘normal’ life following her cancer treatment. She is not feeling confident at all because she has no hair. However, everyone close to her tries to make her feel comfortable. They love her for her inner beauty.

The success tune:
  • Tapping different human emotions for Cancer patient
  • Triggered a social movement for cancer survivors
  • Brave hearts touch souls with inspiring efforts
  • Uploaded on YouTube on December 2014, garnered over a 2.6 million views till date
  • 506K views on Facebook with 34K reactions and 2.4K comments and 18K shares
  • This Ad is more viral with hashtag #braveandbeautiful and increased conversion
  • Inspire millions more who are fighting with cancer today

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways when you’re coming up with stories for your brand:

  • Be sincere
  • Develop content that has human emotions
  • Resonate with your audience, identify their needs
  • Hook the audience first, introduce your product second
  • Stand up for something and then stick to your purpose
  • Know what connects your audience to you
  • Keep it simple, you should be able to describe a story in one line


  • Emotions make marketing campaigns go viral.
  • The sooner you start using storytelling in your content design and marketing, the easier you’ll find it to increase your conversions.
  • The brand story will lead visitors to convert from a shopper into a buyer.
  • Give multiple ways to enjoy your brand story, and you’ll find yourself moving closer to achieving your brand marketing goals.
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