Have you ever blocked an ad or switched your I.P address to a different one or have hoped on an unsecure Wi-Fi connection?

Most probably, you might have, at some point of time in your life!

But do you know they are illegal?

Yes! They are illegal!

Not just them, there are so many other activities that you perform on internet are illegal and you are unaware of it. You never know when it might get caught up and you get into a trouble. This is why we have piled up a list of some illegal activities on internet that are practiced very frequently.

However before we go ahead with the list let me tell you that the laws are subject to the area and that they differ from place to place. Besides, although you are least likely to get caught up or the charges on found guilty are usually not very big, but still precaution is always better than cure.

So, here are a few activities that you might have been practicing very frequently on internet but are technically counted illegal in the court of law.

Switching your IP

1 It should not seem surprising as faking the I.P address can’t be allowed in order to have a safe internet world for every human being.

Copying software

2 You can’t just copy software unless you are allowed to do so. Whether or not you can copy software, depend on the rights as there are a few softwares that are allowed to be distributed but not all.

Fun on work computers


3 Ideally, you aren’t allowed to practice those activities that you do for fun on the work computer such as you can’t play a game, download or watch a movie or a song and so on.

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Uploading copyrighted content to Youtube


4 Whether you are uploading clips of TV shows or pictures that you had downloaded earlier, it is unlawful.

Registering trademarked domain names

5 It might even get you to the court if the company behind the trademark comes calling.

Under age Facebook accounts

6 According to the terms and conditions of Facebook you at least need to be 13 years old to sign up with it.

Sharing passwords


7 Well! If it is not a paid service or software, it won’t land you in a trouble from the court but sharing passwords of paid services and software is a crime.

Working remotely on a travel visa

8 Suppose you are working for a US company from home and all of a sudden you decide to switch to a company from UK, you can’t just access your work email without a work visa, it is illegal.

Blocking Ads


9 I know they are annoying but you cannot bypass the ads that are displayed when you are surfing on internet. Although it’s absolutely impossible to enforce, but some countries still try.

Making GIFs and Memes

10 Using copyrighted material without permission is a crime. However if you want you can parody copyrighted material but can’t lift it straight from the source.

Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi


11 Yes! It is a crime but not because it’s unsafe for you however because you are actually stealing internet.

Faking your name

12 It seems a bit surprising! Right? But it’s true! You cannot fake your name on internet as according to vaguely worded Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Copying copyrighted images


13 You do it very frequently that if you need an image that’s copyrighted, you download it, edit it to remove the copyrighted content and use it, but then it is illegal and you can’t just do it.

You might have done this in past but now when you know these internet crimes, you must practice caution in the future and stay away from any kind of trouble.

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