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Generally, a blog is a great opportunity to accomplish several goals: from the need to earn money simply working at home to the urge to help other people.

Along with these benefits, starting your own study blog will allow you to develop your own skills as this type of blog requires not only a personal insight into certain phenomena or topics but also constant work on updating the content with useful, credible, and up-to-date information that will allow students to write an A-level paper based on tips you provide.

Although it appears to be more difficult than starting a blog dedicated to your own pet’s life, the basic steps of starting such an amazing and helpful resource are similar. All blogs, including study ones, go through the following stages to achieve success. 

Process of Creation 

What blogging platform will you choose? 

First step: While you already know what your blog is going to be about, it will be a great idea to let other people know it as well just by looking at the blog’s name. Try to make the name remarkable, not boring, and at the same fully reflecting learning nature. 

Second step: You need to build the actual blog and there are numerous platforms that can assist with needed plugins, designs, and add-ons. The leader in this sphere renowned for the variety of available options is WordPress as it offers the following benefits for bloggers:

  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Variety of themes to choose from and make your study blog unique.
  • Constant support on the forum and convenient ways to communicate with people.
  • The perfect balance of functionality, speed, and good customizable layout.
  • Possibility to choose it as your hosting provider.

Almost half of all bloggers use WordPress, however, you may always consider other available options such as Tumblr or Blogger. It does not matter which software you choose as long as it is convenient for you.

Decide on preferable web hosting

Basically, there are two options: either free blog on one of the popular platforms with the set domain or self-hosted and paid blog on the domain of your choice. In any case, you need a company that will store all your blog-related files on its servers and makes your study blog available to users who seek for some advice and homework help online.


Blog hosts or hosting providers are ready to help you go online with your content for a small fee. There are many available options apart from WordPress as well, such as BlueHost or HostGator.

While choosing a set domain among already registered ones will cost less money, you might want to think about the future and consider more expensive self-hosting to make your blog look more independent. Such a name as may not be the most efficient in the long-term perspective.

The main downside is that such a name means you don’t own your study blog while choosing any other domain name, such as .com or .net, opens more possibilities to you as the real owner of the resource.

Dedicate some time to design your study blog

A good study blog has to convey a sense of being helpful from the very first sight. You may give people the impression that your study blog is the first place to check if a student does not know how to start a research paper writing assignment just paying attention to these two factors:

  1. Apply simple and easy to follow layout. You are not going to be a fashion blogger after all. People will come to your blog looking for useful information, thus, some simple yet stylish theme will be the best match as it will not distract a reader with unnecessary details. Readers will be thankful for the easy navigation, categories of content, and cross-links.
  2. Boost the quality of your content. Think of every blog post as a short research paper that needs to be perfectly structured and polished in terms of writing style. It would be better to refrain from the random stream of consciousness narratives as they are good for personal blogs but not for study ones. Check the fundamentals of blogging and don’t forget to check some writing resources online so that your own blog will look truly professional. 

Maintaining Your Ideal Study Blog

Keep the focus

The very idea of the blog is that it should be reader-oriented. Apparently, content is the main tool at your disposal to attract the audience. And study blog should not only involve your personal experience but include helpful information for students. If you explain all the techniques and rules of academic writing that custom research paper services follow to complete high-quality papers, the readers of your study blog will be extremely grateful. 

Don’t forget to avoid shifting the topic. If blog posts related to romantic relationship’s development start to appear, the blog could not be considered a study one anymore. While you may publish some out of topic posts sparingly, the main purpose should remain your primary priority.

Students will come to your study blog to find out useful writing tips, research paper format explanations, suggestions on structure, topics, development of argument, and learn something new in the field of university studies in general. It is better to create another blog for your other passions and hobbies and stay within the chosen niche.

Promote your blog

Now, when you put a lot of effort to set up your study blog, you definitely want to expand your readership and help more students to become successful in their studies. This requires even more efforts but from a long-term perspective, it is worth your time.

  • Start with setting the link with your audience. Your personal experience, some stories, and your own voice that are closely connected to the field of studies will establish the feeling of personal connection in your readers and make them return and tell their friends about such an awesome blog.
  • Make sure you added the options for readers to contact you – it will help you to understand the needs and provide relevant content. Your responsiveness and readiness to help also contribute to the popularity of the new study blog.
  • Use social media networks, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter as they are widely used by students. Snapchat and Instagram might be the first options to consider as students tend to prefer them and other mobile-friendly platforms based on the 2019 surveys. Always think about your audience and choose the way to promote your blog based on the audience’s preferences. 
  • Join online communities, groups, and specialized forums so that you will find more people who also come there for specific information. This way you will target people who are already interested in what you want to say. 
  • Promote your content via guest blogging as this strategy is beneficial for all involved bloggers and helps them to have a wider audience. 

Consider monetizing your study blog

As soon as you become the owner of the study blog with the established readership, constant high-quality content, and the reputation of perfect writing helper, you should think about dividends and money you can earn working on your blog from any place you want. Applying monetization strategies that actually work will serve as the embodiment of your study blog’s value and also give you the motivation to develop it further.

Any of these strategies are highly relevant for the purposes of the study blog:
  • Sponsored content: You may promote writing assistance or proofreading tools, plagiarism checkers, or other materials and services that will help students advance their studies. 
  • Starting online course: Once you accumulated a fair amount of advice and strategies that help people become successful in the specific study area, you may collect them together in one precise online tutorial and deliver it for the set fee or subscription.
  • Join the affiliate program: Basically, all you need to do is to refer new clients to the chosen affiliate partner via placing specific links within your content and get compensated for all new customers.


Starting your own study blog may not only help other people in their learning process but also become your true vocation and source of fair income. All the steps from choosing a blogging platform and software to build the layout to starting making money will be successfully achieved if you remember to follow one main rule: you need to convey value, relevant and reliable content to your audience. This approach will open multiple perspectives for you in the studying field, which is extremely important in a modern rapidly changing world. 

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