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The existence of social networks may seem like forever but it has just been a decade. And, the changes on social media have moved faster than what we imagined. Just as we got familiar with a new marketing tactic or set of features, the rules changed.

Here, we have collected different Social Media Statistics of 2016, so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Competition leaves Twitter in the dust.
  • Facebook dominates the social landscape.
  • Facebook, the most popular social network.
  • Worldwide, there are over 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users, which is a 16 percent increase year over year.
  • Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users.
  • Twitter has about 317 million monthly active users.

2017 is approaching fast so, it feels like the right time to see what future holds for social media marketing.

Therefore, we are here giving a sneak peak on big and important social media platforms trends you need to bring into practice, to stay ahead in 2017.

1) Facebook: Dominated Social Network of the Year

Facebook has witnessed lot of growth and success this year, no doubt 2016 has been a record-setting year for Mark Zuckerberg.

The big fat social network made few noteworthy launches like Facebook live, market place, instant articles and reactions.

Networks Acquired in 2016 are Masquerade (MSQRD), Two Big Years ltd. and Eyegroove.

Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform.

Facebook trends you should take a note for the upcoming year are as follows:

Facebook will become a leader player in the AR space.

As, in the latest Q2 earnings call, Founder and CEO of Facebook shared his thoughts on Augmented Reality, “I like everyone else am enjoying Pokemon Go. The biggest thing that I think we can take away from this as we invest in augmented reality in addition to virtual reality is that the phone is probably going to be the mainstream consumer platform [where] a lot of these AR features first become mainstream, rather than a glasses form factor that people will wear on their face.” 

AR will be introduced on the smartphones rather than AR headset and glasses.

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  • Video will Continue to Grow

The videos will remain the priority of the marketers and this trend is likely to climb towards the peak in the New Year.

According to a recent Social Media Survey:

Facebook video is the #1 channel marketers are looking to add to their efforts in the next 12 months.

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  • Number of Searches will Increase and will be crucial for increasing the reach 

Facebook has shown rapid growth in search as it increased from 1.5 billion to 2 billion in a year. Still, Google stays ahead in number of searches, with 3.5 billion searches per year. Facebook has shown a tremendous growth and it’s likely to improve more.

The rapid growth of search is also thought to increase the reach of the content you post on the social network.

2) Instagram Saw Incredible Growth in 2016 

It has been a defining year for Instagram. The social network grows bigger as it hits 500 million monthly users. More and more people are getting attracted towards the photo and video sharing social network.

The significant launches by this social platform in the year are Stories and Business tools.

Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform.

Instagram trends, you should take a note of are as follows:

  • Live Video to Gain Prominence 

The release of stories has encouraged the users a lot to use this social platform for sharing moments which are not perfectly framed too. Facebook owned network wants to become a place to capture and share every little moment. It is expected that live videos will take it to the next level. People prefer to watch live videos more often than the non-live videos. So, Instagram live videos are likely to come under the limelight in the upcoming year.

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  • Business Tools to be one of the Important Feature

The Business tools feature was launched this year. It was launched by keeping three key points in mind: find new customers, get insights and stand out. With the help of these tools, marketers can display and create ads from the posts directly within the app.

It is expected that the business profiles on Instagram will increase and they’ll be able to generate revenue and drive traffic from their profiles.

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  • More Users will Jump Into Stories in 2017

The stories feature has potentially helped the businesses with a way to drive traffic from Instagram. All the users with verified accounts can also share their links through the stories. The stories feature is likely to grab more attention as it could really help the business profiles to generate traffic to the website through it.

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3) Snapchat

It has been quite an exciting year for Snapchat (Parent Company Snap Inc.). The social network aimed of becoming a new camera for users with the release of the new feature moments.

Momentous launches, this social platform has made this year are: Spectacles and Memories.

It has also acquired two apps Vurb and Bitsrtips in 2016.

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Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform.

Snapchat trends, you should take a note of are as follows:

  • Spectacles to be One of the Biggest Trend

Spectacles are one of the cool to play features of Snapchat which is predominantly aimed at the core teenage audience. The tech-filled glasses are scarcely available as of now and most of the users want to buy these spectacles. The first Snapbot appeared in Venice California on November 10, 2016 and all the Video-Recording sunglasses got completely sold out within few hours.

Spectacles are likely to make much noise in 2017 so, keep an eye to see how Snap Inc. will evolve the product.

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  • Circular Video will become the Norm

You do not need to share your video in landscape or vertical format anymore as you have got a wonderful option of circular format. These days, large numbers of people consume video on their smartphones and tablets, so the circular video format is expected to rise in 2017.

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  • Ad product will be doubled up

Snapchat released sponsored ‘Geofilters’ in 2016 for everyone. Businesses of all sizes were enabled to use the feature to create and sponsor their filters in the locations of their choices. Its ad product feature will be more enhanced for providing better targeting and analytics to the advertisers.

4) Twitter

Twitter refocuses its approach as it is no more a social network and has become a news product. The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, recently said to its employees in a message, “Twitter is what’s happening, and what everyone is talking about (literally!). News and talk. We’re the people’s news network. People choose us for news because we’re the fastest. Fastest to get news, and fastest to share news with the whole world. Now let’s strive to be the first. The first place people check to see what’s happening…and the first place to break what’s happening. In the moment LIVE, or a fast recap of what we know so far…what matters.”

The two new features launched by Twitter are customer support features and moments.

Moreover, it has acquired two networks Peer and Magic Pony technology.

Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform:

Twitter trends, you should take a note of are as follows:

  • Will Focus More on Customer Service

Twitter is looking out to provide the business owners with more tools to enhance the experience of both the brands and customers in 2017. With the release of its new customer support feature, it has made the process a lot smoother by providing top-class help.

  • Live Streaming to Become Important

In 2017, Twitter is likely to focus more on trending videos and live streaming videos and it will also lay emphasis on the broadcast partnerships with known organizations like NFL.

Brands and marketers are likely to earn more benefits from this, as there will be more of real-time conversation around the shows and events broadcasted by Twitter Live. And more opportunities will open up for reactive content and ads.

  • Annoyance Issues will be Solved

Twitter has recently released a new mute tool to clean up the platform. The functionality of Mute button is further enhanced as it allows the users to filter specific hashtags, keywords and phrases.

In the upcoming year, the platform is also looking forward to add a new reporting feature of ‘hateful conduct’ to deal with people who use hateful and abusive languages.

5) LinkedIn got Acquired by Microsoft 

In June, LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $2.62 billion. It is a platform which is solely a professional-focused network. This social network is a huge asset for Microsoft and it will evolve and gain more ownership.

Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform.

LinkedIn trend, you should take a note of:

  • LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform will Grow Bigger

More than 500 elite business authorities use this platform for sharing professional advices and insights. And in 2017, it is predicted that more executives will plunge into LinkedIn blogging platform for sharing their experiences. To stay connected to the customers, businesses will use this social network more often.

6) Pinterest

The growth of the social platform has slowed a bit this year. Pinterest has 100 million active users and 176 million registered users. And 85% of its users are female.

Below we have listed 2017 trends which are going to dominate the platform.

Pinterest trend, you should take a note of:

Brands that use Pinterest for promoting their products are likely to gain much benefit from Pinterest Ads and Promoted Pins in 2017. The businesses will be able to grow bigger with the help of these promotional pins. Ads manager is an amazing feature for advertisers and will become more popular in the coming year.

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So, here are the trends which are expected to dominate the much popular Social Media platforms in 2017. Hope it will be of help, start preparing and updating your social media tactics by keeping your knowledge up to date with the trends which matter for your brands & businesses.

Let us know your opinion in comments.

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