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Do you remember those amazing hoardings out in the sun which used to serve us always? Do you remember those newspapers which we used to read every morning? Do you remember those emails, which we always were so excited to know about?
The ancient aged dynamics that were so adorable are fading away at an undeniable pace, today when i pass by a hoarding, i do not even realise if something is even existent above. As soon as i get up in the morning my inbox is bombarded with 10 different spammers sending me newsletters which i never subscribed to. Those newspapers are used as a base in our homes when we eat food today.
Traditions are changing, we are changing raising a toast to every new thing that is beneficial and convenient to us. India is a young country indeed with 50% of the population under the age of 25. We are very well aware of How Mr. Arvind Kejriwal utilised this wave of Socionomics to attain a place in the books of Indian Constitution.
Social Media is the new advertiser’s tool for the world to reach out to the desired audience with a minimalistic effort and rejuvenating impact. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest have started to become an integral part of consumers family discussions. The smarter move would be to make a hit where you can have a maximum impact. And Social Media is the place to be. We are the geeks of 21st century with smartphones in our pockets, we consume content at an unimaginable pace. Our bullshit radar is at it’s peek today, with the help of a single post on any digital platform we can make a sizeable impact on Brand’s years old equity. We have the power to make or break the biggest of brands.
On an average a consumer sees a piece of content for 9 seconds in today’s digitised world and that is the only opportunity one has to make the first impact. That 9 seconds are your sweetest spot. Isn’t it interesting to know the amount of time you have to make your first impact. Quiet challenging in its existence today.
Customer engagements leads to an interaction, an interaction is all one needs to spice up the sales/conversions at Brand’s end.
Make sure to make it an integral part of your overall branding strategy to achieve your desired goals.
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