One of the major drawbacks for Snapchat is the app’s uniqueness. Snapchat’s actively creating it firmer to connect with other users, with no search function or options out there to find those you may wish to follow. You’ll either take a photo of a friend’s BooR code or hunt around for their user name.

Nowadays, Snapchat has fixed that drawback. Snapchat’s introduced in further discovery tools to assist users connect.

Under the Add Friends section within the app’s drop-down menu, there’s now a new “share username” option. Tapping on it will give you a customized URL to share with anyone you wish. When a person clicks on the URL, the account it belongs to will immediately be added to that person’s friend list.

These discovery significant benefits to helping users connect with more significant accounts, predominantly celebrities.

Adding new feature is making a difference to Snapchat- building network connectivity is a great way to boost engagement and Snapchat is already doing pretty well in that area.

If people following new users, notably celebrities, that’ll no doubt bring more of them back more often to see what those influential users have posted next.

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