Snapchat has significantly grown last quarter, reaching more than 200 million daily active users for the first time.

From Q1 to Q2 in 2019, the company has gained 13 million daily active users which are 8% growth in its user base.

The latest figures say Snapchat now has 203 million daily users.


Snapchat gives this credit to its app’s face filters, as well as investing in a wider range of product features.

As per an earnings call, it is estimated that between 7 and 9 million users joined last quarter due to face filters, and 4-6 million people joined due to new features.

What enabled Snapchat Grow So Fast?

Updated Features

Company has started focusing on the features of the Android app, which was lagging behind the iOS app in terms of updates.

Snapchat updated the app and improved it for the Android systems.

As per CEO Evan Spiegel, Android users are sending 7% snaps using the new Snapchat version over the old one.

Face Filters

Apart from an updated app for Android, Snapchat has a successful quarter also due to a viral face filter.

Snapchat created a filter that turns users into the opposite gender. Photos created with the help of filter can be shared beyond Snapchat, encouraging people to download the app, if they haven’t.

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