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Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is actually advertising over the internet where in advertisers pay the publisher when their ad is clicked by the audience. It is also known as cost per click marketing. Basically, in PPC marketing your ads are shown on other websites and if the user clicks on it the advertiser has to pay fixed rate for each click. Well! The idea behind it is to drive more and more traffic to your website and generate more leads converting them into sales eventually.

However, if the clicks are not getting converted to sales, it is a complete wastage of money and time for you. There are certain things that you must pay attention to for an effective PPC marketing Let me share with you six ultimate tips for a better PPC marketing.


1) Keep an eye on you PPC campaign and make regular alterations

PPC Tips 1 Online marketing works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this is why you need to monitor your ads on regular basis and edit them if required. Use analytics to optimize your PPC marketing. Find out which ads are doing great. Figure out which keyword is giving good result and which one is not and then change the keywords assigned to your ad if necessary. We don’t ask you to spend hours on it but yes act smart use analytics and get the things on the track in lesser time with lesser efforts.


2) Rotate the advertisements

PPC Tips 2 Go ahead and optimize your ads for clicks by rotating them. It is a good way to find out which ads are doing great and can use them accordingly.


3) Make use of Different Match Types

PPC Tips 3 You might be missing a large part of your target market because you are using exact match for keywords. We suggest you to make the most of all match types be it phrase match, exact match or broad match.


4) Never Choose Automatic Keyword Bids

PPC Tips 4 There are two ways you can setup your keywords either by automatic bidding or by manual bidding. However, if you go for automatic bidding Google will set the bid for each keyword and more often than not their bids are too high. This is why you are suggested to opt for manual bidding and take complete control of your bidding making sure you are not paying too much.

5) Never Bid for 1st Position

PPC Tips 5 Suppose inspired by your SEO marketing you are bidding for the 1st position in your PPC marketing and paying a lot more for it. However, if you are lying anywhere between the second and the sixth position in the search engine ranking page the results will almost be the same. There is no point wasting money for the 1st position in PPC marketing. Even Google says it that it will not be of much difference in PPC marketing. As told earlier, bids for 1st position is higher than a few down the line. As both furnish the same results bidding for lower positions will help you save money.


6) Be specific with Keywords

PPC Tips 6 The keywords that you pick are very important so don’t be very general with them. They should specifically represent what you are selling. If you are using very general words you end up decreasing the conversion rate for your business. At the same time find out what is working for your competitors and work accordingly. Besides, don’t just bid for a keyword because it is cheaper. To drive the relevant traffic to your website you must bid for the specific keywords.

These were the few tips on PPC marketing you can take advantage of. Besides, Digital marketing is a vast world which is growing at quite a faster rate bringing so many updates and better technology tactics at every juncture. This is why you need to keep you sleeves to your elbow and be ready match your pace with them.

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