Have started a new business and is planning to get a website, we will suggest to have an own web hosting plan rather than opting for a free one. You might go ahead and get a free web hosting plan from the service providers like WprdPress.com or Google pages if withdrawal of the free services does not bothers you. Besides, if you don’ want to name your business online, you can of course take a free web hosting plan. However, we will not advise you for that.

Moreover, there are so many reasons as to why should you not opt a free web hosting plan. Let me present a few of them to you for you to decide and implement your business in the best way possible.


• Domain Name

web hosting 1 Opting for an own web hosting account will let you have a genuine domain name and host it on a server however on the other hand if you take a free web hosting account , your domain name contains the name of service provider. For instance, with your free web hosting account on wordpress.com your website will sound something like xyz.wordpress.com.


• Email Accounts

web hosting 2 You can create your e-mail accounts with an own web hosting account, which includes your domain name for example info@yourdomainname.com. However, you do not get to create e-mails like this with a free web hosting plan. You can of course use a Gmail or a hotmail account for conducting your business but that doesn’t looks professional to the customers.


• Branding

web hosting 3 You can brand your domain name while owing a web hosting service. However, in case of free web hosting account it becomes difficult as what if the service provider pulls out the free web hosting services. Not only you will lose your domain name but also the entire data that you have on your website. You must keep the backup copy of your data to prevent losing it forever. As it has happened in past that the free web hosting service providers have withdrawn the services all of a sudden and people have lost their data forever.
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• A Professional online business

web hosting 4 You tend to establish a professional online business with your own web hosting service as the manifestation that it supports seems quite proficient. It is just opposite in case of a free web hosting account. Manifestation does matters. It impacts the value and aptitude of relationship that you wish to build online.

• Service withdrawal fear

web hosting 5 Not just that, even if you talk about it from the perspective of search engine optimization, it reveals the same thing. You are surrounded by apprehensions while using a free web hosting account that you will lose all your data. Besides, all your hard work will go in vein if the service is withdrawn by the provider and you will lose search engine ranking and the traffic with the services.


• Design Flexibility

web hosting 6 Moreover, own web hosting offers you with immense design flexibility for instance if you want to create any design, you can maneuver the HTML of your web pages or so however incase of free web hosting account you only get templates.



At last , we can only say that it’s good to have a free web hosting account until and unless you don’t want to brand your business however if you really want your business to boom with a brand name and many other benefits you really need to opt for an own web hosting plan. It will let you have a well impacting and ever-lasting website.


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