The power of viral marketing isn’t hidden from anybody. If you can make your marketing message to go viral, nothing could be better than this, for it keeps giving you result long after you initiated the campaign. And, social media is a perfect platform for getting things viral.

But remember you never know when this advantage turns into disadvantage and when a negative point about your company gets highlighted in the form of a post or a comment and gets viral. So, you always need to be on your alert.

Social media marketing helps you bring traffic to your website, generate leads, generate revenue for your business and a lot more if carried out well. However, there are so many common mistakes that people commit every now and then and not only end up losing big perks but get a big hit on their ongoing income as well. Here are six most common of them

The missing commitment

115 Social media marketing is not all about signing up with social media sites and having your fanpages on them. It’s a lot more. You need to make constant updates and publish post daily and that too about something that can grip the interest of the users. Try making it as interactive as possible. And, for all these you will certainly require a strategy, so create it defining your distinguished strategies (daily, weekly, monthly) and systematic goals.

Too much of automation

216 Posting too many posts on your fan page will hardly do any good to your business. It will rather scare away your fans and eventually they will either leave your fan page or hide your posts. Hence, try scheduling your posts with the help of tools like Post Planner that would enable you to control your posts or else you can list down the social media strategy if you find it simpler.

Inconsistent posting


39 While too much of automation is bad, inconsistent posting also results into a very bad impact on your fans and followers and makes them to think that either your business is going through losses or you aren’t serious about it. So, make a clear strategy for your content and try posting at least once every day.

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Poor customer service


48 A good customer service on social media can turn your brand opponents to your brand proponents. So, don’t be afraid of off putting comments or posts by your customers, just try to be smart and subtle, and deal it patiently. Make them feel important no matter if the solution takes even a day. But remember the viral factor and that one bad remark can go viral if not dealt on time.

The missing lead generation strategy

58 Your main objective of being on social media is to drive sales and generate revenue at the end of the day but then that would not come itself and that you need to make some specialized efforts for lead generation as well. Make a lead generation strategy for social media users; try sending them letters and updates from you blog posts as that would help you contact them outside of the social media sites. Try to bring them to your website by effective planning and its implementations.


67 One very common mistake that you commit on social media very frequently and about which we have been talking over and over again is posting only or mostly about yourself on social media. It tends to push your customers away. Instead, try to provide them a great deal of value by providing them helpful information and resources, and try adding some humor to it.
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