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If you are confused about how your business can be benefited with the use of Facebook instant articles then, you have landed yourself in the right page. The way one browses has changed completely with the entrance of mobile devices.

Each and everyday demand to have faster and excellent performing websites with an infusion of better user experience is rising higher and higher. 

In fact, according to the survey, it has been seen that around 50% of the consumers are expecting for a website to get loaded in around 2 seconds or even lesser. Not only this, around 44% of the people stop using the website which takes more than 3 seconds to get loaded. So, that shows what the potential of expectation has become with the infusion of mobile devices.

To get the best results as stated above, the businesses are now getting their website image optimized and also getting the server response time reduced. But, when it comes to Facebook, they have taken this to a completely different level.

There are more than 1.5 billion monthly active mobile phone users so, they have brought up instant articles which gives an opportunity to brands around the world to get their articles published in the right way to their application which gets loaded in the blink of an eye.

If you are unaware about this feature of Facebook instant articles then, we will help you understand how it can benefit your business step by step. Below mentioned are the process about how you can add this feature to your business website, read along.

Facebook Instant Articles: Getting Started


This is basically a Facebook attribute which allows businesses to create unique and engaging articles which can be loaded instantly. This feature came into existence in the year of 2015 and was only limited to few of the Publishers which includes BBC News, The New York Times, and NBC news.

This attribute was developed with an intention to resolve the problem of slow loading time for mobile websites. Yes, this literally hampered the experience of the users going through the press releases on their mobile devices. Slow loading time did harm the business of the publishers of all segments and it did not help them with any sort of connectivity.

How is it Helpful

The function of instant articles is completely restricted in the HTML5 format which is taken into consideration to get the loading time quicker and better. So, it is important that the businesses use this attribute and gets their customized content published which can be loaded within a span of a second and help users with an excellent experience.

The businesses will be able to brand and customize their share of content but, you can only make limited modifications. You will not get to replicate your entire website design here but yes you can certainly bring in the overall feel and appearance.


If you are thinking how will you be able to know the articles in your Facebook feed have been optimized in the form of an instant article then there will be a lightning icon just right on the corner of the respective post. And according to study, it has been said that the article with the lighting icon will load more than 10 times quicker than a standard website article.

How To Set up 

If you are thinking about getting started with instant articles for your business website then, we will help you with step by step process, take a look:

Step 1

  • At first, you need to sign up and then choose the page where you would like to get your instant Article tools. After this, you need to click on Access instant articles tools.
  • As soon as you get registered, you will be able to access instant articles. After this, you can get the configuration done and have your initial setup process covered.
  • After that, you need to make sure that all your employees have understood so that they can work on the respective tools accordingly.

Step 2

  • At first, you need to let Facebook know about the domain which you desire to use for the respective articles. 
  • You have to prove that you are the owner of the respective domain by putting some code to the website page. You will have to copy the code and paste on the given URL which will be the head section of your website.
  • If you are having a WordPress business website then, you will be able to get this done with the use of functions.php file or even through header.php file. Not on this, you can also make use of the plugins as per the theme of your website.

Step 3

In this step, things tend to get very complicated. We will help you with the three important ways with which you will be able to get your web articles converted into instant articles and they are mentioned below, take a look:

  • With the use of third party publishing tool in the form of WordPress plugin.
  • With the support of RSS feed.
  • Using instant articles API.

Step 4

  • After your instant article has been prepared, it is important that you get it branded with the use of unique presentation.
  • You can get the style editor into usage which is there in the publishing tools of your page and get it configured in the best possible way.
  • Generally, the article is configured with the use of basic style which is the default option but, you can always go for different variations which can make it look very appealing.
  • Opening the style box, you will be able to check with all the elements which you can take into consideration for your modification needs.

Step 5

  • Before getting your article submitted for review purpose, it is important that you must have 10 articles prepared from beforehand so that you can show them in your feed. Earlier it used to be 50 but now the number has got down and it becomes much easier now to show that by getting your articles submitted for review.
  • If you have the respective 10 articles ready then press the submit for review right away.
  • After the article has been submitted for the review purpose, Facebook will take a few days to get it checked and then will revert back to you.
  • If there is any kind of mistake in your article then, there will be feedback from the Facebook and you need to get it modified according to their review and submit again.
  • If you get your article resubmitted, Facebook will go ahead and check the random sample of the 10 selected articles from your feed.
  • As soon as your article gets approved, you are good to go and get your instant article published.

Step 6

  • When it comes to getting your instant article published, it is very important that you check for errors.
  • If you are getting your article published on the page applications then, it is important that you download Facebook pages manager for your respective Smartphone.
  • After you have got your Facebook page selected, you need to go to the instant article section where you will find a production tab. Here you will be able to check the preview of your instant articles.
  • You can also get to check the errors on the respective article with the help of the publishing tools. There is an orange triangle sign, all you need to do is to open it and there will be a list of the problems which you can fix it as per the specification.

Step 7

You need to visit the production article tab to get your article published. You need to check with the article you desire to publish and then press the action button and after that, you need to press on publish.

So, this shows how you can get your instant article published for your business website. With the help of this, your article will be able to load 10 times faster and not only this, but also enhance the User experience and make your content look even more engaging and interactive. It is not only very easy to use and understand but also it will play a big role when it comes to the branding purpose for your business.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Facebook instant articles, it is literally not for the ones who cannot keep patience. You will be asked for a lot of changes before the finished product is ready. But it will certainly be worth it as it will help your business get a big boost not only in terms of productivity but also will certainly help you with branding. 

This step-by-step guide will certainly make it easy for you to get everything in a proper way. Not only it will help you get this done faster but also without any kind of stress and added frustration. So, it does not matter how fast businesses are moving ahead to get their website loaded quickly it is important that the get connected to Facebook instant articles as it will beat them hands down.

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