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According to a combined study of CII and KPMG, India’s digital advertising industry is growing at 33.5 (2015-2020) percent (CAGR) and by 2020; its value will exceed the INR 255 billion marks.

So, India is one of the latest growing digital markets globally and the scope for digital marketers here will only get bigger and better in the years to come. It is expected that the Digital Industry will produce more than 20 lakhs job in India by 2020.

Within coming years, the impact of digitization would be rather evident in the country’s economy.


A few stats discussing the rationale of growth:
  • Digital advertising in India has reached the $1 billion mark in FY 2016-17
  • Likely to grow at an average of 14 percent annually.
  • Digital media remains around 12 percent of the overall ad share and is expected to grow up to 24 percent by 2020
  • ‘Search and Display’ summons the largest share of the total digital advertisement spends
  • New-gen customers check their smart devices every 9.6 minutes or every 159 times a day.
  • Almost 220 million users are accessing digital services through their smartphones

Source: KPMG

Growth in Indian Internet Users

  • The number of internet users in India was at 432 million in December 2016
  • The number of mobile internet users in India has reached around 420 million by June 2017
  • The numbers will get double by 2021 as digital transformation will take it to estimated 829 million
  • This number is growing at very fast pace as there is 38% penetration in India.

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In this way, you can see obviously as more users get connected, the demand will additionally increase.

Factors of influence

  • A shift from man-made to automated mediums
  • Benefits of precise/customized targeting in digital medium
  • Rising smartphone penetration; anticipated to boost by up to 800 million over the next half decade.
  • The Robotics and AI (Artificial intelligence) upsurge

There are several other factors responsible.

Where is it leading to?

The ad space is evolving around 6 verticals: social, desktop, video, mobile, native, and programmatic.

50% of the population of India has begun reading the newspaper online rather than the traditional ones. In India, digital marketing is the single or one can say the only industry that is burgeoning with more than 30% rate. In addition, it is expected that this industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020.

Get a Job in Industry:

 The simple and best way to begin your career in digital marketing is to get a professional certification and find a job. In digital marketing, there are various specializations and so, you get different options to start your career.

  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO analyst
  • Social media specialist
  • Online Leads Manager
  • Google AdWords specialist
  • Email marketing specialist
  • eCommerce Specialist
  • Online Leads Manager
  • Web Analyst
  • Online reputation manager

Also, there are more specialized job roles you can choose in digital marketing.

Learn more about Careers in Digital Marketing:

Turn into a Professional Blogger:

You can go for blogging as a full-time profession and earn reliable income., A Startup founded by DSIM Trainee.

Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense:

You can start your blog/website/app in a particular specialty of your interest and put in efforts to build traffic & viewers. Subsequent to generating good traffic, you can make a good income with AdSense & affiliate marketing techniques.

An Interview with Mr. Astitva Chawla, Affiliate Marketer and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee.

Start Your Freelancing Services:

Sitting at your home, you can build your clients globally.  There are several websites that allow you to offer your expert services to clients through freelancing.

“DSIM’s training helped me earn 7 lacs within a year as a freelancer.”- Manish Rohilla

Start Your own Agency/Startup:

You can likewise start your own full-time digital marketing agency/startup. With the digital marketing services offered, you can build huge income too.

“DSIM lets you make an effective marketing network.” – Sagar Rastogi

 6 Successful Startups Founded by DSIM Trainees.

Become a YouTuber:

You can also choose to become a full-time YouTuber in your niche. Focus on quality delivery and build your audience base. Further, you can earn good with YouTube monetization.

There are boundless opportunities in digital marketing industry as there are various aspects applying huge scope. In case of any query, do let us know in the comments below.

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