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An Interview with Ms. Itishri Agarwal A a young brand-marketing manager and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Ms. Itishri Agarwal, a young brand-marketingmanager at Hindustan times. She shares with us as to how she got her dream job.

Q1. So how did you cover the journey to manager brand solution in marketing in Hindustan times?And what all challenges did you face up till now and how you coped up?
Ans. To be honest, my professional journey has been smooth one, if only I had been sure of my objectives. After 12th, I wanted to be a journalist, but ended up doing B.Com &MBA, with family suggestions etc. During MBA, I took up Finance as my major specialization & Marketing as Minor, as this was the sure shot success formula during 2007. Our batch was lucky to pass out in the last successful year before the great depression of 2008. Out of all the co’s I got selected including ICICI (dream co for many Finance students) I chose media co CNN IBN as my first employer. Since then I have been in media industry, worked with best of the companies & in different roles.
Currently I am doing kind of work I was aspiring to do since a long gap. I wanted a profile, which positions me as a marketing consultant. However, transition of profile in India is not an easy task, where employers are very choosy, selective & do not want to experiment while hiring. Gaining additional knowledge/certifications certainly helped me to get where I am today.
Q2. So are you satisfied with your career status now?
Ans. As rightly said by Sir George Bernard Shaw, “As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death”. I still have lot to explore, in the field of marketing. This is learning phase & varied experience would help me perform in the longer run.
Q3. Well that’s true…Satisfaction is death. So is this why you chose to gain digital marketing knowledge?
Ans. Kind of yes! You know digital Medium is the fastest growing medium for marketing. It’s in very high demand by all the brands, since it’s low cost & effective to measure.
Q4. Very true! Well! Talking about digital marketing if you could tell us more about its scope?
Ans.  It’s phenomenal! Being a media & marketing person I totally understand the market & brand requirements. Digital marketing has a very high demand in Indian markets by all the brands today. This will only grow in the coming 5 years. The current trend says that digital marketing (internet & mobile) industry post a trend of 30% growth y-o-y, which is highest than any other medium.
Q5. Besides, were you facingany challenges at your work that compelled you to take this training?
Ans. Growth in my profile was lacking completely. I was being offered roles I have done before, so complete lack of learning for me. I on the other hand like to take up new challenges.

Q6. And they even say ‘fortune favors the brave’.Anyway, so how did this training help you?
Ans. Well the training helped me in having a holistic knowledge in digital marketing. It gave me alternate revenue making options & deeper insights on the digital world that I can utilize at my current work.
Q7. So any message would you like to give to people who are looking to step up in their career.
Ans. It’s very important to keep yourself abreast with the market demands/conditions if you are a true professional/ambitious marketer. Keep learning & serve brands better.
Itishri Agarwal completed her Internet marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in Jan 2013.

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