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In today’s world, every business needs a blog no matter its large or small. Your content marketing strategy plays an essential role in achieving you the success. Your blog gives the first impression to readers about your brand, so you need to make sure that you publish great content.

To ensure the quality of the content, you need to edit and proofread it. But there is not always enough time to do so, when you are working on plenty of projects. There may also be errors you are unable to detect on your own.

Here are 11 proofreading tools that can help you in getting your content writing perfect by polishing it.

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is a free application which automatically detects errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and word choice mistakes in your writings.

The tool provides context-optimized synonym recommendations to make sure your article has only impeccable terms. It lets you avoid slip-ups in your writings to ensure that you express yourself clearly and deliver the right message to your readers.

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2) Paper Rater

It is an all-in-one tool that gives you instant results. It not only proofreads your article with grammar and spelling mistakes, but also helps you in publishing plagiarism free content. To maintain your brand’s credibility, you need to publish high quality content on your blog. It also helps you improve the writing style by giving suggestions. Just simply run your write-up through it and will ring the alarm bells for all the possible errors.

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3) WordRake

WordRake removes the unnecessary words and phrases from the content. The tool works with two versions Microsoft word and Outlook. The secret to writing well is to write to the point and with just one click on ‘Rake’ button, you can remove the clutter and improve the unclear phrasing with the edits it suggests. You can either make changes with the suggested edits or reject it.

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4) Slick Write

It is a powerful tool which is available for free and gives you in-depth analysis to improve your article. It not only checks spelling and grammar errors, but it also has two different sections for ‘statistics’ and ‘flow’.

Statistics section lets you put numbers in your write-up and flow section gives you information that how you can make it easy to read. The tool can be accessed from a mobile device too.

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5) Boom Essays

If you want a human to proofread your article but do not have someone who can do it for you, then you must consider this writing service. You just need to upload your document and their expert professional proofreaders will put a critical eye and make all the appropriate edits. The edited document that they send you back is ready to get published.

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6) Hemingway Editor

This tool is a grammar and spelling editor that highlights all the errors it spots while proofreading. You just need to paste your text in the dashboard and click on scan, then it will highlight the text wherever improvement is required like passive voice, presence of adverbs or hard to read sentences.    You can strengthen your writing by using Hemingway Editor.

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7) Proofread Bot

It is the most simple and straightforward online tool used for proofreading. It provides you basic and quick service.  You just need to paste your content into the text box and click on ‘Proofread’   button and it will automatically highlight all the issues present in your text.

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8) EssayRoo

They are an Australian assignment help site who has a team of writers. You just need to send your write-up to them and they will proofread it and send you back instantly. They turn your unpolished document into a polished one by eliminating and rectifying all the possible errors.

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9) After the Deadline

Use this tool to get a quick feedback on your writing. It quickly checks your content for errors and highlights all the possible errors from grammar to writing style. The tool also suggests writing styles so that your writing is flawless. The corrections are instantly shown up, you just need to paste the text in the box and click on ‘check writing’ button.

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10) EditMinion

It is a robotic copy editor which helps you refine your articles by finding mistakes in it. The online proofreading tool does read your text for clichés, weak words, passive voice, grammatical and spelling errors. Its each feature has on or off switch, so it lets you set up the tool to read only certain weak points in the text. If you know that your article lacks in certain issues, then you can use this tool.

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11) Grammark

It is one of the best proofreading tools for bloggers. It lets you pick up subtle errors like passive voice, run on sentences, word count and lot more. Just simply paste your content in the text box and it will effectively improve your writing. The tool also highlights grammar and spelling mistakes we usually make.

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To survive the existing competition, you need to be perfect in your work and publishing high quality content on your blog should be your goal. These tools will help you in improving your content marketing strategy by helping you write flawless articles. So, every content marketer should get familiar with the above mentioned tools to manage time and productivity in a best possible way.

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