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LinkedIn has revealed a professional skills list that companies required most in 2019.

According to the LinkedIn report, “there are 50,000 professional skills in the world.”

But the question is which skill is you should learn of those 50,000 skills to stand out from others?

“These are the skills your boss and your boss’s boss find most valuable, but have a hard time finding – and the skills that’ll most help you better serve your clients and customers.”

In this post, you’ll find out which skill most needed in 2019.

Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytical Reasoning, and even Journalism are among the 25 most in-demand hard skills this year.

“Creativity” crowned this list of the most desired soft skills that companies are considering for in 2019.

Most In-demand Soft Skills in 2019

According to LinkedIn, “Today, 57% of senior leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills.”

1) Creativity

Why you need it

Businesses most need creative employees who can think of the solutions of tomorrow.

2) Persuasion

Why you need it

The key success of any product or service is persuading people to buy into it.

3) Collaboration

Why you need it

In the age of AI, the project is more complex, effective collaboration is growing more important.

4) Adaptability

Why you need it

An adaptable mind is an important tool for directing today’s ever-changing world.

5) Time Management

Why you need it

Today, an eternal skill, mastering time management will help you the rest of your career.

Most In-demand Hard Skills in 2019

“Cloud Computing” topped the list of hard skills in 2019.

#Cloud Computing

Why you need it

Companies are urgently looking for engineers who have the skills to assist a change toward the cloud.

#Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why you need it

The Age of AI is here.

#Digital Marketing

Why you need it

With the growth of digital, digital marketing is the most in-demand marketing skill on the list.

#Social Media Marketing

Why you need it

Social media is a popular way to connect with others digitally.

#UX Design

Why you need it

The key to building a digital world work for humans.

Here are the other most in-demand hard skills:
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • People Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Video Production
  • Sales Leadership
  • Translation
  • Audio Production
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Scientific Computing
  • Game Development
  • Animation
  • Business Analysis
  • Journalism
  • Industrial Design
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Software Testing
  • Data Science
  • Computer Graphics
  • Corporate Communications

For the other details about most in-demand hard and soft skills of 2019, and how to learn them, click here.

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  1. great post. I was astonished to find that digital marketing is also one of the high demand skills according to Linkedin

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