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Reddit introduces a revamped self-serve advertising platform. This is the sign that the platform is getting serious for providing more updated features to its advertisers.

Here are the major feature updates:

  • Complete Redesign: The entire ads interface is redesigned to be more user-friendly and easier on the eyes of users.
  • Post-pay billing: The platform now offers post-pay billing option which means that the advertisers now don’t need to pre-pay their bills and this saves them from going through the top-up process.
  • Multiple Creatives Per-campaign: They have also added industry standard controls around campaign scheduling, day-parting and daily budgets.
  1. It now allows the advertisers to use multiple creatives per campaign. Before this update, advertisers need to first add the creative, then the campaign, but now they can do it other way round that creates a campaign, and then add creatives.
  • Improved Reporting: In the revamped design, reporting has been improved. It now allows advertisers select the arbitrary date ranges, eCPC and CTR, chart eCPM, impression and click

To provide you a sneak-peek that how the revamped platform looks like, we have attached the screenshots below:

dsim image

dsim image

The old system will be there for quite some time, but it will be discontinued in coming months. The platform will send you an email notifying about the shutdown date. And, the existing campaigns will continue to run, but it will not be transferrable to new system. So, advertisers need to recreate the creatives and campaigns on new platform.

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