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Real-Time Monitoring and User Tracking, these two terms are closely related but at the same time a lot different from each other.

As their application of use is entirely different. Let’s first interpret their literal meanings. As the name suggests real-time monitoring is a phenomenon of observing someone’s usage through live streaming. Mostly used in an organization to monitor employee engagement activities.

On the other hand, real-time user tracking is more like GPS thing. You do not have your user’s monitor access but you can still track his activities through suffered URL. Mostly used in during the website tracking system to get an idea about your user’s demographics.

Let’s take a deeper step to understand their differences further.

Real-time user tracking

Before we examine the benefits of real-time user tracking, it’s important to understand what these systems are and how they operate. Let’s break down real-time user tracking and it’s essential components.

●  Website tracking system

The website tracking system is a system that collects data about the visitors to your site. Furthermore, most artificially intelligent systems also generate data into a more meaningful report.

●  Real-time system tracking

System tracking is data that is collected and accessible at the time of creation. It is different from some other website tracking systems, which might collect and analyze the data retrospectively.

There main kinds of information that a real-time user tracking gathers and provides. 

Origin of the visitor

These systems tell you how the user landed on your website. Whether it was a direct link or the type of visitor that was redirected to your site was through a third party’s website link. This information is further subcategorized whether it is from a search engine, social media (which social media) or by clicking the direct link this could be from a blog post or third party link or ad.

Visitor’s demographics

Rea-time user tracking can also tell you a lot more than their source. Visitor’s demographics information includes their geographical location through their IP and MAC (media access control) addresses. It let you know about which country and city they are from. And other user backgrounds too like gender and marital status.


Visitors behavior on your website

These intelligent user tracking systems let you monitor data about visitors’ behavior on your website such as the total number of visits. Including new visits and return visits. Also page impressions, hits and site attractions.

Which pages are attracting the use and what pages they are visiting. Time spent on each page and also time spent on different sections of the page. And also tell us about what is the frequency of returned users.


These user tracking systems solutions are gorgeous. These systems have helped online businesses a lot. Now they can tell what type of customers are repeatedly using websites and behaving beneficially.

If you are paying for traffic then you need to have a pretty idea about visitors on your website. To learn more about PPC read more here.

Best real-time user tracking tool

Amung.us has been on the web analytics scene for a long time and they have a wealth of experience in terms of real-time tracking. It is an online platform providing users with real-time analytics. The information showed by the program includes The total number of visitors, visitors’ location, user’s device charts, and the website’s social impact.

If you are looking for a full-featured analytics tool, Clicktale is a good option. It provides you different ways to analyze user behavior, not just demographics. the data analysis can also help you improve your website in terms of user design and experience.


Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is basically streaming of user screen with zero to low latency information. This is used in many fields to enable quick reaction to momentary events, providing constant information to make up to date and informed decisions.

Real-time monitoring can be used in many situations involving IT and manufacturing.

Which includes server and datacentre management. Web store implementations, fleet management, and RFID(radio frequency identification) tracking.

Real-time monitoring is being widely used in huge organizations to keep track of employee engagement activities.

Best Real-time monitoring tools

We have gathered some of the best employee monitoring software for people who are managing a team of remote employees or maybe even just running a startup.

Stafftimer launched in 2018 is software helping people all over the world to manage their employees. One of the key features offered by this software that it also provides intelligent reporting about employee’s productivity in addition to idle time integrated with keystroke count and mouse activity and so much more.

Another tool called Clockify is also popular among employee time tracking software. They are popular for their company logo management and native iOS application.


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