After a tiring and productive day, I reached home and switched on the TV. To my surprise and luck, one of my favorite movies – “Pyaar ke Side Effects” was being aired on one of the channels. Soon, I got engrossed in watching the movie.

For those of you, especially guys, who have seen this movie starring Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose, will somehow agree that the movie portrays a fun part of relationships, which is true at times.

Well, I was so engrossed in watching the movie that I did not hear the phone ringing in the first instance. It was only after the phone repeatedly rang and my ear drums got pestered, I realized the urgency and rushed to pick up the phone. To my disbelief, at that odd hour of the day, the voice of a man greeted me and told that he is from a magazine company which is offering discount on buying ad-spaces. The greeting conveyed less concern and more sales.

I felt for the tele-caller who was trying so hard to make a sale but, said ‘No’ and disconnected the call. I went back to watch the movie, thinking, do people still buy ad-spaces in magazines which have more ads and less content!? and if people do, why do they still rely on low performing Traditional Marketing methods, when they can easily succeed in reaching their target market online?

There were so many funny things in the movie but, my mind was dwindling with the thoughts of (tele-calling) traditional marketing. The movie was full of side effects of pyaar and all I could think of was that how similar they are with the side effects of traditional marketing. With this in my mind, I decided to pen down my thoughts in a post titled –

Pyaar Aur Traditional Marketing Ke Side Effects

1. Ever been on a date which turns out to be too expensive, with no coffee in the end. Well, that’s what Traditional Marketing is; it’s expensive and less productive.
Pyaar ke side effects

2. Traditional Marketing seems quite wonderful and easy in the beginning, but with time, becomes demanding, just like relationship is an awe-inspiring feeling in the beginning but, slowly, the side-effects begin to show…
Pyaar ke side effects

3. Traditional Marketing stands no chance in front of Digital Marketing, just like you stand no chance if your girl starts crying…
pyaar/digital marketing


4. Traditional Marketing takes a lot of toil to generate few business leads, just like it takes a lot of flowers to impress your girl…
pyaar/digital marketing

5. With Traditional Marketing, you cannot track and monitor performance, just like you cannot figure out the reason for your last night’s fight…
pyaar/digital marketing

6. You can’t win an argument with your girl,CAN YOU…???.Similarly, you cannot build the level of brand awareness with Traditional Marketing.
pyaar/digital marketing

7. Traditional Marketing needs lot of time, just like a girl’s demands in a relationship…
pyaar/digital marketing

8. With Traditional Marketing, you have to go through an agency, just like, at times, you have to go to your girl’s best friend for a resolution.
pyaar/digital marketing

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Kunal Choudhary

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