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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”- Mark Twain
Very true!

It is sometimes the right advertising that transforms even the rags to riches but again it’s the right advertising and not just advertising!

Advertising itself is categorized into types and sub types and that it entirely depends on the kind of business you are running as to which advertising will go well with it.

You have two types of advertising –online such as PPC, social media advertising, so on and offline or say traditional advertising such as print, radio and TV advertising

Right now we are going to talk about PPC advertising versus traditional advertising and see which the one is meant for you.

1) Specific Targeting

144 When it comes to PPC advertising you have the leverage to segment your audiences into different groups based on various factors, and target your product accordingly, that you don’t have in traditional marketing. In traditional advertising such as advertising on TV, radio or in newspapers you simply broadcast your message randomly to the masses and rest depends upon your fate and your message.

2) Measurability & Flexibility

238 Another main advantage of PPC advertising over traditional is that you can measure it at its every step that you cannot in traditional. In PPC advertising, through analytics you can measure a lot of things that help you figure out if the PPC ad campaign is working for you or not, and if not what is that in particular that’s causing the failure and that you can make alteration accordingly even during the ads are running.

But then , in traditional marketing once the ads are telecasted, aired or circulated you can’t make any change no matter whether it worked for you or not. On top of it you cannot calculate your exact outreach as you cannot calculate as to how many people saw your ads.

3) Return on Investment (ROI)

328 It is obvious that if you can assess your ad campaigns while they are running and can make changes, you can optimize them for better results. And, since you can optimize your ads for better results, you get the true value for your money and you can invest only in the campaigns that are giving good results keeping a check on the wastage. This is what you cannot do in traditional marketing, once broadcasted; nothing can be undone or modified. Yes! If the ads fail you can create a new one but remember the all expenses that you made the last time, you will have to go through them once again. This is why and how, ROI incase of PPC advertising is always higher than that of traditional advertising.

4) Budget

418 Why are we talking about something in the last that needed to be discussed at first i.e. budget is because now we can talk about the overall budget and not just the one that you have at the beginning. You can run PPC advertising even in a shoestring budget as unlike traditional marketing, this highly targeted mode of advertising is quiet cost effective. And, as we discussed just now as to how we can measure and alter the campaigns for results, we can gain better out of smaller budget in case of PPC advertising.




Although traditional advertising might seem alluring at times but for, PPC advertising is highly targeted, cost effective, measurable, flexible and yields good ROI, it helps you reach your advertising goals quickly and inexpensively. All you need to do is use the right tools, the appropriate resources and have a hyper-focused approach.

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