Yesterday on Tuesday, Pinterest has launched its first live buyable pins. Earlier this month, Pinterest had announced its plans to make buyable pins ready for buying. Now, some of the buyable pins are available for purchase on iPhone and iPad in US.

Pinterest has also launched two new curated sections. First one is “Shop our picks” tab, where Pinterest shows hand-picked items in categories like camping, beach wear or Fourth of July style. And second one is a “Shop” tab that shows the newest buyable pins on the app.

Pinterest now has come with a price filter for buyable pins, which will appear in users’ home feed, category feeds, boards, search results and recommendations.Clicking on the “Buy It” button gives users the choice to pay either with Apple’s AAPL Pay or a credit card. The item then gets shipped to the user’s doorstep. Over the coming few weeks, Pinterest expects that over 30 million pins will bebuyable.

Demand from pinners for a buy button has been evident in research. According to a recent study conducted by market research firm Millward Brown, even without a buy button, nearly 90% of pinners have made a purchase because of Pinterest.Pinterest could play a great role in the e-commerce industry with over 70 million monthly active users, according to comScore.

While buyable pins are currently only available on iOS devices, Pinterest said, it is planning a future release date for desktop and android users.

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