Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), pioneer in the digital marketing training industry conducted a research concluding that over 8 lakh jobs are currently available on 4 different job portals in India (,, and Not just this, the most enthralling fact is that 42 percent of these opportunities are for freshers!

digital marketing jobs in India

A career in a flourishing industry is the dream of every person steping in the job industry and looking at the current market scenario if someone is passionate and interested to make a career in digital marketing then it will not be erroneous. Talking about the top leading job portals in India, we found over 8lacs jobs waiting for the digital marketers. Indian digital industry is on boom and has shown a cosmic growth since the last 2-3 years. But it is a bitter truth of the industry that it is lacking in trained professionals. Lack of knowledge and training is a huge hindrance in front of the digital industry. The opportunities are vast but the professionals are limited. In this scenario, DSIM is acting as a helping hand for the people interested in digital marketing. DSIM is an established name in providing highly practical based digital marketing training and making the person technically efficient and skilled for the digital industry.

Just have a look at the current job opportunities in the flourishing digital marketing industry available on various job portals in India and abroad:

If we talk about the job opportunities in the industry, there are various fields of specialization including content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and many more which has opened numerous channels from the executive level up to the managerial level, who are willing to enter the thriving world of digital marketing. More than 42 percent of jobs are for the fresher level.

The above table is far enough to explain the current job scenario. Social media marketing stands top on the board with more than 2lacs job opportunities followed by SEO marketing with 190000+ jobs and later is followed by content marketing with total of 1.4lacs opportunities. These three fields are the leaders of the digital marketing industry as they are used to target the customers. A shining salary package ranging from 15 thousands up to 1lacs per month is reserved for this field. However, we can’t neglect the importance of other fields like email marketing, sales and PPC marketing. These are the pillars of any organization which needs to remain in action all the time.

Screen shots of job portals showcasing number of jobs

1- Content marketing: Number of jobs available- 36844

naukri content marketing jobs



2- Social Media Marketing: Number of jobs available- 11140

jobs in social media marketing on


3) Search Engine Marketing :Number of jobs available- 33334

naukri seo marketing jobs



4) Email Marketing : Number of jobs available- 3681

Naukri email marketing


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5) Digital Marketing Manager :Number of Jobs available -1209
naukri digital marketing manager


6) Digital Marketing Sales : Number of Jobs available- 40155
naukri digital marketing sales

1- Content marketing: Number of jobs available- 8874

content writing and marketing jobs on India


2- Email marketing: Number of jobs available- 14609

email marketing jobs on

3- Search Engine marketing: Number of jobs available- 10140

SEO jobs on


4- Social Media Marketing : Number of jobs available- 11038

social media marketing jobs on


5- Digital Marketing Manager : Number Of Jobs available – 2075

monster digital marketing manager
6- Digital Marketing Sales : Number Of Jobs Available -17660

monster digital marketing sales

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1- Content marketing: Number of jobs available- 36844

email marketing jobs on


2- Email marketing: Number of jobs available- 31313

content marketing jobs on


3- SEO Marketing: Number of jobs available- 25959

SEO jobs available on


4- Social Media marketing: Number of jobs available- 32544

social maedia marketing jobs on

5 – Digital Marketing Manager : Number of Jobs available – 60865

shine digital marketing manager

6- Digital Marketing Sales : Number of Jobs avaliable -55034

shine digital marketing sales


1- Email marketing: Number of jobs available- 63248

email marketing jobs on


2- SEO marketing: Number of jobs available- 51427

SEO jobs on


3- Social Media marketing: Number of jobs available- 59147

Social media marketing jobs on



4- Content marketing: Number of jobs available- 58892

Content marketing jobs on

5- Digital Marketing Manager: Number Of jobs available -8830

times digital marketing manager

6- Digital Marketing Sales: Number of jobs available -11624

times jobs digital marketing sales

A digital marketing professional is responsible for creating and implementing the strategy and driving qualified prospects to conversions. Also they have the responsibilities of employing the techniques in other aspect of business like social media, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization.

SEO marketers are required to translate business goals into successful SEO campaigns, analyze the performance of SEO efforts and help clients’ increase search engine rankings for their websites.

Digital marketing managers are required to provide clear direction to other members of the marketing team, including web designer, content writer, sales executives and social media experts.

In the recent times, all the top MNCs are boosting up their business through digital marketing strategy. They are hiring digital marketing experts who can increase the ROI of their business. The companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, jellyfish, IBM, and many others are working on the model of digital marketing. They are offering a package of up to INR 20 lakhs yearly for the experts. The starting salary for digital marketing professionals is in the range of Rs4-5lakhs. However this salary package is not a bar for the deserving person and one can get more than that if has ample knowledge in the digital field.

Hope you would be clear with the digital marketing and its mammoth scope. So what are you thinking about?


Interested in Digital marketing???

We will guide you step by step how to achieve your dream job in digital marketing. Just follow some tips and become an expert of the industry.


  • Reading-: Read, read and read as much as you can about digital marketing. Make it a habit if you are serious to make a career in digital marketing. In this industry, if you stop learning, you are dead for the industry. Go through various blogs and research more over Google; I am damn sure you will be able to know about the strategies used in digital marketing and even lots more. Some useful blogs you can read from SEOmoz, Googleblog, DSIM, and others.
  • Demo-: Once you are clear with the overview of what digital marketing is, why to do digital marketing then you just need to take training for that. Attend the demo session, seminars and webinars related to it. It will sharpen your knowledge and generate a clear concept of digital marketing.
  • Training-: Join a training program from the top digital marketing training institute and work like a professional. The training will boost your career and will enhance your knowledge and skills, hence making you up to date with the industry.
  • Specialization-: Choose your specialization in the digital marketing industry. No doubt if you are in digital marketing industry, you should be aware to each field but having a specialization is important. SEO marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing and many more options are available to choose from. Just choose the specialization according to your passion and interest and become an expert in the field.

Give it back to the industry-: Once you are specialized in a particular field, just move ahead and show it to the industry. You can start writing a blog or create your own website to show your presence to the digital world. The industry is eager to hire a right candidate who has passion and interest in digital marketing. What you have to do is that you should show your presence to the industry and they will themselves come to you.

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