Confused whether or not outsource your marketing responsibilities?

Outsourcing can be a good idea but it entirely depends upon your company and its capabilities whether you should outsource or not or if outsourcing, is it just some part or entire marketing responsibilities.

How outsourcing can help you


139 Outsourcing the marketing team has become more like a trend these days. Since, there is kind of dearth of successful, talented, and experienced digital experts, hiring one full-timer can cost you big. So, for new companies or those which are just exploring digital, it actually makes some sense.

Besides, outsourcing can get you those digital experts who probably have worked with top brands, and that too at considerably very low cost and with no long-term commitment. And, since they have worked with various brands, they have a good familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities at disposal.

Why outsourcing isn’t that good


236 Of course outsourcing can get you good results at relatively very low cost but then it isn’t going to be a good fit for every organization. Besides, it is always better if you being the guide of your company have clear idea about where it heading to and how.

Moreover, you will need to manage marketing in a planned and systematic way as you will not have access to your outsource marketing person all the time. You will need to schedule working sessions, meetings and calls in advance.

One more thing that’s very important in marketing is to make alteration according to the change in customer needs or the technology but then if you are outsourcing your marketing responsibilities you sometimes are not able to react immediately. So, even you should have adequate knowledge of marketing so that if required you can make alteration yourself or let your outsourced team know exactly what you want from them.

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Moreover, if yours is a larger organization, you might need an internal marketing team as well. The agencies might help you setup a strategy and execute it but they would not work like your in house team that can find creative marketing strategies and strategic relationships outside the usual scope of marketing.

The Bottom Line

If used correctly, outsourcing your marketing team can of course bring you good results by putting your business in expert hands but always remember when you outsource you put the key to your business in someone else’s hands that one hiccup that may arise might lead to a total collapse with the ultimate wastage of time and money.

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