“When HotWired decided to make money from their website in 1994, they set in motion events that would come back to haunt us all: The creation of banner ads.”

After that there is a long tale. Companies started to know the importance of internet, since it was able to fulfill their basic and most important need “MARKETING”. They started publishing ads on some popular sites. It resulted in growth providing an exact figure of customers viewed the advertisement. They initially named it Internet Advertisement.

An Indian recognized the strength of emailing internet. Sabeer Bhatia launched Hotmail in 1996. It was world`s first free emailing site. It gave every individual in the world a power to mail with a speed million times faster than ever. Again companies got a way to establish a direct contact to their customers. In a very short period of time Email marketing became a powerful tool for their marketing purpose.

Then in 1998 came Google, a search engine designed to search websites on user requests through certain keywords. It was like an open and free advertising portal throwing out names of websites by millions of results. A worldwide war started among companies to pull them up in the search list. They named it SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Social media shifted the world towards a new era. Since 2004 world`s 600 million population is sharing, liking and commenting on Facebook. Brands also started creating accounts so that users can like them resulting in brand awareness.

On the other hand, Affiliate marketing is a big reason to be a freelancer. By helping brands to sell their product or services, one can earn a respective amount of commission. Blogging have also showed its importance in the field of freelancing. Creating blogs and fertilizing them with earning options results in a handful of earning.

In an era that now completely depends on internet, learning the way to use it has become essential.

Now there exist many ideas and ways for Marketing on Internet. They are collectively known as Internet Marketing. When Indian companies started to understand the importance of terms like SEO, SMM, Email marketing, SEM, Online advertisement etc , we as an institute started to teach individuals certain points: How all this billion dollar business grows? How all this works? How anyone can start working on it?

Explaining in one simple line, ‘We started teaching all about Internet Marketing’.

Crafting uniqueness, we follow simple rules to teach terms that would result in successful career in Internet marketing stream. To fulfill the need of marketing for brands, products and services, DSIM stepped forward to deliver a rich quality of expertees. We responsibly focus on current market trends and feed our students with our unique way of teaching.

We also encourage entrepreneurs so that they could choose internet marketing as their business marketing option. Not every firm hires individuals for their SEO or SMM needs. Instead they outsource it. For that they require freelancers who can complete the need in a desired period of time. We focus how one can start freelancing and how one can make it successful in a long run prospective.

Being professionals, we aim on complete development of each and every individual. Our highly qualified faculty tends to find an appropriate solution towards every problem and maintain a rich content of syllabus to lead the market trend. Also due to large query list from all over India, we are aiming towards a big goal and planning to expand our wings to reach and educate maximum number of desired student. We have selected our course material suggested and practiced by qualified professionals.

Like a spinning top a trend also have rotation end. At this point of time internet marketing is on its top speed. It is the right time to score. And choosing us will certainly add bonus.

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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