Google AdWords has presented the ability for advertisers to target known customers by phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Now, this is made possible through AdWords’ Customer Match targeting which, until now, only allowed advertisers to target customers by email address.

Customer Match will target customers based on information offered in their Google account, which means they will have to be logged in before being accurately targeted.

When a match is found, AdWords will add the Google account to an advertiser’s Customer Match audience. Customer Match audiences can be targeted with ads across all Google properties.

“After you’ve uploaded your list of email addresses and/or phone numbers, AdWords will compare each hashed string on your list with the hashed string or email address or phone number of Google accounts. If there’s a match, we add the corresponding Google account to your Customer Match audience.”

This feature is extremely effective for businesses having large database of customer phone numbers and mailing addresses, but cannot access to them.

adwords image 15 dec

You can upload lists of phone numbers and mailing addresses via the Audience Manager in the new AdWords experience. And, the Audience Manager can be found in the Shared Library.

When matched customers are added to an audience list, the information can also be used to target similar audiences.

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