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Bing ads has updated its Remarketing feature and added the ability to exclude the irrelevant audience from the advertising campaigns.

With this updated feature, now advertisers can specifically target their preferred audience. And can easily prevent the remarketing ads from being served to them.

How to exclude audience?
  • Go to the ‘Audiences Tab’
  • Then, click on ‘Create Association’
  • Select the Ad group with which you want to associate with remarketing lists
  • Then, select add exclusions
  • Click on ‘Save’ for completing the Setup

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Bing has provided a number of examples where excluding audience from remarketing ad campaigns will yield better results.

  • The campaigns which are designed to convert free trial users into paid customers and have such customers who are not approaching the end of the free trial, those customers can be excluded from the campaign.
  • Excluding existing customers from the campaigns which are designed to generate leads from the new customers can be very useful.

The new feature has already been rolled out and it will be available to all the Bing users within the coming next few weeks.

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