Instagram gave the information that the platform now entertains 1 billion monthly active users (in June 2018), which was 800 million in September 2017.

This increase has turned Instagram into the fastest growing social network at the moment with a distant margin.

Although Facebook incurs more overall users, the platform has gained 3.14 percent growth whereas Snapchat is even slower with a rate of 2.13 percent.

On the other hand, Instagram incurs approx 5 percent growth in every quarter.

Unfortunately, Instagram’s regular growth can partially be contributed to copying Snapchat features, for instance, stories and filters.

Instagram Stories are immensely popular, and the number of stories published by users has gone ahead of Snapchat’s entire userbase.

Another reason for Instagram’s success is due to a decrease in Facebook’s popularity in younger demographics. Teens are more on Instagram than Facebook.

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