Site owners can now export data contained in Google Search Console’s Index Coverage report.

google console

Index Coverage is a generally new report within Google Search Console that was first introduced in early August.

The report recognizes what numbers of pages of a site are getting indexed, and in addition how many pages that are not getting indexed due to errors.

At the point there are errors preventing a page from being indexed, the Index Coverage report will likewise offer tips for fixing the issues.

The Index Coverage report will identify the exact pages not getting indexed and the exact pages that are getting indexed.

Since the report has matured and had time to collect data, we have the ability to export it if needed.

In case you are doing a site audit that needs data about indexed/non-indexed pages, it’s much easier to use the data when it has been exported as a spreadsheet.

It’s additionally useful in general to have access to full reports of indexed/non-indexed URLs at the click of a button.

Obviously, exporting the data means you can access it offline should you have to.

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