There is nothing better than taking in the data on your side. You running a business and have the data of not only the efforts that you made but also the data of your proceeding and the productivity, then there can be nothing superb than this for your business. Because, you can track your data, you know where you are heading to. While starting a project of your business, you must set a goal and keep tracking your progress.

Here we going to present you with some of the key marketing metrics you must analyze in order to experience augmentation in your marketing benefits. It will help you build up your analytical tool restraint and run some marketing programs which are far more sensible and well turned-out than what you running right now.

1. Lead Waterfall Graph

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 1 With the help of Lead Waterfall Graph you would be able to guide your progress by visualizing what you need to achieve on the each individual day at work. If you have the data of what has to be accomplished each day to compare your result to your goal, you can pick up the pace if in case you are falling behind the first day.

2. Traffic Waterfall Graph

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 2 Traffic waterfall graph helps you monitor your traffic growth intimately. Like lead waterfall, if you lag behind, you can quickly gear up and take actions that will bring more traffic to your website, it could be through some useful and immaculate content creation and posting.

3. Average Lead Close Rate

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 4 You must track the average lead close rate for you to keep an eye on the quality of the leads at any given time. you are not attracting the right traffic if it is low and on the other hand high-quality potential business is coming to you if you average lead close rate is higher.
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4. Single Business Day

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 3 It is wise and proactive to track how much you can produce in a single business day. Why this data is helpful? Not all the months have same number of days. So if you would talk about a single day target to be achieved that will differ month by month. So, instead of only maintaining month over month growth data, try maintaining a data that includes your production for every single day.

5. Month-to-Date Goal

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 5 There are various channels you are working for like social media optimization, search engine optimization and so on. However, how strongly do you measure the growth and progress of these channels? Try to set a month-to-date goal per channel to achieve some real good perks in your business, say you set a target of 100 leads per channel in the month of March and then track and work on it. Ask the respective different teams to track their daily progress, it is easier for them.

6. Close Rate Per Channel

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 6 You must track close rate per channel as the quality of the leads matters more than its volume. For instance, the lead volume produced by SEO might be higher than those through social media but if social media is driving more customers for your business then close rate per channel for social media is higher than that of SEO.

7. Paid and Organic Marketing Inputs and Outputs

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 7 Track and compare your paid and organic marketing inputs and outputs. Paid marketing as the word signifies is the marketing where in you spend money, like Google adwords, social media advertising and so on. However, organic marketing is just opposite to that of paid as you only need to spend time and not money in it such as SEO, Social media, Blogging, e-mail marketing and so on. Based on this tracking you can profitably change and monitor your marketing strategies for the two.

8. Calls-to-action Click Through Rates

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 8 You have created an offer that you have on your landing page now how will you judge if that offer is valuable to the incoming traffic or not. This can be easily achieved by monitoring call-to-action click through rate or say rate at which guests visit a page and then click on call-to-action on that page.

9. Qualified Leads Per Business Day

Nine Must Tracks for Every Marketing Managers 9 You need to track your marketing qualified leads per business day. These are defined as the leads ready to be rotated to sales. For instance, the leads that witness the customer filling out a form, or their visit to the website more than thrice and so on. Go ahead and track that how many marketing qualified leads you generate every month. The idea behind is that how many sales-ready leads are you sending to your sales team.

Hence, go ahead and track the significant metrics as they make the marketing world go round. These were only a few of them which we have discussed right now, there are more that need to be uncovered. To make your business operation smarter than ever, keep honing your analytical skills.

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