Facebook Cursor Tracking

According to a recent report by Wall Street Journal, Facebook will now be tracking and collecting the data about the users’ activity on the site with the help of the cursor movements. It is reported that this social network has been constantly experimenting with new technologies in this regard. At present, they are testing this new technology with a small group of users.

As per the Facebook analytics chief Ken Rudin, the data collected with the help of this new technology can be used for various purposes starting from product development to advertising.

Now, determining the most appropriate places for the advertisement will become easier as the new technology is believed to determine the place on the screen where the users will hover their cursor. On top of this, the technology also enables you to track whether Facebook’s mobile users can see their News Feed at any given point of time from their smartphones or not.

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However, as per the report Facebook will take some months to decide whether they will continue to collect and analyze the data or not. This data collection and analysis can really be very relevant for advertising.

However when it was asked to Facebook, they declared that they are not using this information or data to target ads and also this information will not be shared outside Facebook. It is just one of the tests like most websites do to ensure that user’s experience with their site continues to be as good as possible. They also said that this is the way they can figure out how people interact with their site, which will be beneficial for future product decisions.

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