The New Year is knocking at the door; you must have been weaving dreams for a better everything whether it is your personal life, career, material achievements or just anything. And you must have been making plans to fulfill these dreams as well. We just wanted to help you with something we can help you with- your career. However, everything in your life is anyway related to your career. The better your career better will be everything, usually!

Coming to the point let me tell you, year’s first quarter happens to be a great time for those who want to take their careers to the next level as companies after reevaluating their budget and departmental needs are all set to hire new employees in the beginning of the year. So it is the time when you can pay attention towards revising your skills, doubling down on your efforts and jump-starting your job search. It is not at all tough to stand out and prove that you are a great fit for the opportunity. Just be with the time, identify what it needs and add respective skills to your resume.

Getting your dream job can be really easy if you act prudent. Here are five ways you can get your dream job in 2014.

Set your career goals


job 1 Before you start with anything towards a better career determine what your career goals are. It’s not a problem if you are not jack of all trades as long as you master one. Have targeted, specific and focused career goals as it will help you ensure a successful search process.

Upgrade you skills


job 2 You might be doing fine with your current work but things still seem a bit monotonous to you and that you are looking for a promotion. Your rivals are looking for that too. So what is it in you that will make you outrival others? Certainly, the upgraded skills! So upgrade your skills and have some have an extra edge over your competitors before they have it over you.

Go digital


job 3 At present digital marketing industry is the most booming industry with a growth rate of 30% while all other industries are still struggling with 10 to 12 %. So you being a part of it will grow as well. Not just that with an exciting and easy work, wonderful remuneration and reputable position, it is going to be a job that you always have dreamt of.

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Upgrade you resume


job 4 The achievements and skills that you will mention in your resume must go with the requirements set in the job description. Make sure you are doing that.

Clear out your online presence


job 5 You must understand that different social media sites have different purposes and that they should be used accordingly. If it is a professional site like LinkedIn, make sure it doesn’t have any questionable content or a content that is too personal. Besides, it’s always wise to remain active by posting engaging and thought –provoking content relevant to your industry or your desired position.

These were five ways you can shape up your career in the coming year. Only few days are left and there are so many things to do. So, one more take away here would be to prepare a checklist and go by it. Besides, if you know some more tips or ways, do let us know in comments.

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