The new Google Analytics home screen is now available to 50% of all users and the update has been confirmed by a Google Analytics Product Manager, Ajay Nainani‏.

Google testing the new home screen design was spotted earlier this year and now, the change has finally arrived here to stay.


The new home screen has been brought to give users prompt access to more of the information that includes data such as:

  • Traffic over a selected time period
  • Active users right now
  • Top active pages
  • Revenue over a period of time
  • Conversion rate over a period of time
  • Sessions over a period of time

Additionally, users will get the answer of the question: “how do you acquire users?” They’ll get the data within the section that includes Traffic Channel, Source/Medium, and Referrals.

However, those being upgraded to the new home screen are being selected at random and it’s difficult to predict when will more users get access to the new home screen?

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