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Digital marketing is the modern style of marketing, but it is far more convenient and more accessible as compared to the conventional and traditional one. Lately, all the major industries in the world have adopted digital marketing to advertise their products and services.

If you are studying business and have an interest in marketing, you must know all the basics and essential tips of digital marketing because that is what you will have to handle in the near future. No matter what company, product, brand, and industry it is.

The main goal of everyone is to attract a higher number of customers with rightful marketing tricks. It may seem a piece of cake, but it is not as simple. It would help if you planned the right plan and strategy in order to make your campaign practical and useful.


If your posts and ads are not targeting the right audience, it will be of no use. The main reason behind marketing is to make people aware of the respective brand so that they can invest in it if needed.

However, if you are targeting the wrong audience, there will hardly be any conversions. In 2020, the following are the points that will make you a successful digital marketer.

1) Customers are the Real Deal

Marketing used to be all about the product, the company and their effectiveness in the past. Now the focus has shifted towards the customers. It would help if you made your customers feel satisfied and content in using your product/service so that they keep coming back to you on their own.

It is one way that marketing is handled on its own. Nowadays a successful company is the one with the most fantastic customer service.

In the modern era, people are no longer dependent on the company to gain knowledge regarding their product/service; instead, they do their research themselves.

Therefore, your ads and overall business platforms need to provide them with something more than information, and that means convenience, efficiency, friendly service, secure payment, and smooth order procedure, etc. Moreover, a positive brand image, update technological convenience, and mobile platforms that work well also impact the customers’ opinion.

2) Involvement of Employees

People do not blindly believe in advertisements anymore. For them to trust your brand, it is vital that they hear good things about it from people around them. Who else, if not your employees, will initiate a positive word of mouth regarding your product or service?

Practically your employees are the face and voice of your company. It is essential that they also want your brand to succeed as much as you do. It will only happen if you maintain a positive relationship with the employees and keep them involved in the decisions that you take regarding the product/service.

Additionally, you must also encourage the employees to engage with the customers directly on social platforms that way, brand positivity will be visible and clear to your audience.

3) Focus on the Visuals

Technological advancements have introduced voice search and smart speakers. People have smoothly adapted to the convenience of speaking and getting their desired action done, and now readable content is not attractive anymore.

For effective marketing, you must focus on your design and visuals. Videos and images will easily attract customers as compared to articles and written posts.

Similarly, the color theme of your brand, logo design, website colors and design will convey a stronger message to the people as compared to descriptions. Invest in professional and talented graphic designers, video editors, and conceptual artists so that they can come up with creative and mind-blowing ideas to advertise your product.


Moreover, visual content stays in mind for a longer time and that too quite quickly as compared to written paragraphs.

For example, if you have to deliver specific facts regarding your brand, the most effective way is to create animation, but that is also time-consuming, so the easier one is to make a poster with icons and images and very minimum written content.

4) Personalization

The traditional ways of marketing where the brands used to send consecutive messages to the customers are going out of fashion and now most of the people mute or block the advertising numbers to stay undisturbed from bland and annoying publicity messages.

As a result, personalization is the right solution to intrigue the customers and keep them invested in your marketing messages.


Personalization is not limited to mentioning the name only, rather with the help of AI and collected data through it; you must construct a word that is relevant and relatable for the people. It could be in accordance with the situation, festival, season, and other such things as well.

5) Strategic Marketing Transformation

Gone are the days when companies would use trial and error methods to advertise their brand and run their campaigns. Now you must have a smart plan to win the rat race among the competitors these days. It is not as simple as it seems; there is not a specific list of things that would bring you on the top.

To gain success, companies must think out of the box and beyond what they are already doing while linking it to the purpose of their work. Only then they could rule out an effective plan and gain success.

The procedure of evolution and change, which a company goes through is known as the strategic marketing transformation. Marketing transformation is a significant help for the companies to enhance customer satisfaction, improvise brand image, and increase revenue and profit.

6) Voice Search

It is quite evident that voice search is the latest technological advancement that is being loved by the people. It is much more convenient than typing and therefore, more and more people are getting comfortable with it. However, there are a few cons of voice search as well, and the most major ones are for SEO.


To make your site appear in search engine results, you must include voice search-friendly keywords in it for Google to extract it out when people search for it.

7) Customer Engagement

Online technology and platforms have enabled users to get in touch with brands in various different ways directly. Now, in order to maintain a positive image, you must be engaging with the customers and viewers on social platforms to build a positive relationship with them.

Always remember, when customers see the brands taking their comments and feedback seriously, they develop a sense of respect for the respective company and gradually become a regular buyer on their own.

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Therefore, always keep an eye on the comments and feedback you are getting for your product/service so that it is easier to know what is a likable thing about your company and where do you need improvement for complete satisfaction.

8) User-friendly Website

Convenience and smooth usage are what people look forward to in the modern era, and therefore, your website must be user-friendly and easy to operate.

Please include all the information regarding your brand on the site and keep it smooth and straightforward. Smooth websites also directly affect the buying decision of the people, and therefore, the faster the website, the faster will be their decision to invest in your company.


9) Social Media and Search Engine

For effective marketing, you must focus on both social media and search engine optimization to attract a greater audience.

Social media is the most used online platform by all ages of people, and therefore, it is the most convenient place to target a massive group of people at once and at the minimum cost. It is also easier to operate, and people with little to no experience can also handle the postings and client dealings via inbox and comments.

However, only a professional marketer can design effective campaigns and run paid ads for successful conversions. Similarly, SEO is an important marketing branch as search engines hold a lot of power on people’s knowledge and understanding of certain things.

If your business page appears in the first few positions of the search engine results page, then it will be considered trustworthy, and your lead conversion will definitely improve.

10) Live Video

2020 is all about advancements on a higher level and therefore, it is expected that live videos will gain popularity in the following year.

According to a survey, people spend three minutes longer on a live video than a video which is pre-recorded. Usually live videos intrigue people and therefore, they spend a considerable amount of time watching them.


To make your digital marketing more effective, focus on making live videos for your product advertisement or have informative live sessions to educate people regarding your brand.


Digital marketing will be at its peak in the year 2020 like never before, and all the marketers would need to update their strategy and tactics by incorporating the latest technology and inventions in order to win the race.

Discussed above are some of the top digital marketing tactics that would help you stay on the top of the market and use the right kind of strategy.

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