If you don’t keep up with the times, you are going to turn into dust.

As a business owner, this is a line you should live by. Traditional marketing is no longer enough. You need to jump on board, or the train to success will zoom past you.

Now, enough with the metaphors.

Digital Marketing is the present and future. It is how you get your brand out there for prospective customers and clients to see.

At its very core, it is just marketing – but in a more advanced platform. These days, your target market is most likely frequenting social media, reading blogs or news sites, or simply keying in on Google when in need of something.

So, how do you farewell in an industry that is already beaming with companies showcasing powerful digital marketing strategies?

Stay RELEVANT. Know what are the current trends and implement them.

For the remainder of the article, we will be discussing one specific trend that can lend you a hand in achieving success – the use of motion graphics.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Different marketing trends rise every year. Each one has people claiming it is promising and bound to become more significant in the future. Motion graphics have been on the receiving end of those predictions since 2014. For those who guessed it, you were right. Unlike trends that are one-hit wonders, motion graphics are still in style.

Motion graphics use text as their principal component. Think of it as the video counterpart of infographics. One of the early motion graphics examples can be seen in Hitchcock’s Psycho. The movie’s opening credits was the perfect blend of motion, sound, and graphic design.

Motion graphics give life and movement to static graphic designs. It is accompanied by a particular narrative that enriches a customer’s viewing experience.

Do you want to add visual appeal to your presentation? Would you like your website’s logo to move around on your website for increased visibility? Motion graphics is the answer to both, as well as to other similar concerns.

The Difference Between Motion Graphics And Animation

Animation covers a wider variety, including motion graphics. Anything that involves adding movement to an otherwise static image or object is considered animation. In terms of digital marketing, motion graphics differ from other types of animation due to its content. Motion graphics set abstract objects, texts, and other design elements in motion.

If you wish to liven up your infographics or web design, you will resort to doing a type of animation which is called motion graphics.

Animation also has a specific meaning, which primarily focuses on cinematography and storytelling. It is also a good form of marketing worth discussing for another time.

Another way to look at it is that motion graphics use moving graphics to emphasize an idea, while animation refers to videos containing humans or living creatures as characters undergoing certain experiences.


Photo by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash

Why You Should Use Motion Graphics 

Cisco claimed that in 2020, expect videos to take up 80% of the traffic. If this will occur, then there will be a big market for video content. Online users spend approximately 19 hours of video watching per month. As a digital marketer, you can bank on this figure to improve your website or product performance.

Majority of shoppers watch product videos before making a decision to purchase, but a bigger percentage buys the product after watching a video.

Okay, if crafting videos is that promising, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Marketers believe that video content should be a top priority. However, not everyone is blessed with creating compelling, original, and useful content. The difficulty that comes with creating videos can hinder your success. Investing in state-of-the-art equipment is a must. Some people opt to outsource work.

What makes up suitable video content for digital marketing?

Good video content should lead the way for your prospects. Your audience should find your videos relatable, but subtle. Since videos are easily shared, it would be great to get your point across while giving your viewers what they want. It also should not be boring. Some viewers will skip on your videos or completely ignore them unless you make them engaging.

When creating videos, always go back to your brand identity. All of your marketing elements should only in line with a single narrative. Lastly, effective video content should be within your audience’s reach.

These requirements do not sound easy at all, but guess what? Motion graphics cover all of these bases. The best part? They do it way cheaper than live-action video content.

Here are some ways motion graphics can impact your digital marketing strategies:

1) Motion graphics can improve your sales mark-up.

No way a one-minute video could sway customers to purchase your product. It would not be that simple, right? Wrong! Videos on a website’s landing page can increase conversion rates. This fact might get you thinking about which elements to place in your video that would only last a minute.

But, if you choose correctly (and carefully!), your video content can tell your brand’s story while simultaneously strengthening product recognition.`

2) Motion graphics can increase your search engine ranking.

web-hosting-shr_Xn8S8QU-unsplash (1)

Photo by Web Hosting on Unsplash

People spend more time on web pages with videos compared to those without. One thing about SEO, an additional single minute on your website can impact your pages significantly. Google value the time spent on your website enough to boost your rankings. An excellent motion graphics can propel you to the top ranks by magnetizing your viewers and keeping them on your web page.

3) Motion graphics spice up a dull web page.

Imagine watching a guy sitting across a plain background blabbing about a particular product of a specific brand. Will you endure that? If he is interesting, probably. But for most people, the minute they see a video of a person doing a monologue, they scroll past it and move on. With motion graphics, you can be creative while you tell the world about what your product can do. A little design goes a long way.

4) Motion graphics are shareable.

Check your Facebook feed. What do you see? Tons of videos, right? Unpaid Facebook engagement is mostly done through videos which is why almost everyone takes advantage of it. As you may have already noticed, Facebook videos earn a lot of reactions, comments, likes, and shares. After posting engaging motion graphics, your job is done. Let your viewers do the rest.

5) Motion graphics solidify your brand identity.

Live-action videos have limitations. It affects how you represent your brand. Because these projects can get very expensive, it will be difficult to associate your brand with the video subtly without turning off your targets. By making use of motion graphics, you can lowkey integrate your brand into a video without investing too much money.

6) Motion graphics can easily grab attention.

For the most part, videos are enticing to watch. However, nothing beats motion graphics. Matching it with your product information is likely to hold down your viewer’s attention until the very end of the video. However, since most people are always on their phones, it is best that you ensure your motion graphics will play smoothly on mobile devices. To make sure there are no glitches, professional help can be sought.

7) Motion graphics add so much value – a lot more than what it is worth.

Motion graphics allow you to input all the information you wish without additional cost. Videos you put into your website need to be informative and fascinating. You can achieve it through a series of graphs and texts that emphasize the information you are imparting.

For instance, you want to say that using your products have multiplied sales three-fold. Your message will be more powerful if your audience sees an increasing trend on a chart in your video. The advantage is that there is no need to shed extra bucks to bring that image to fruition.

Ways You Can Use Motion Graphics

Explainer animation is the go-to choice of businesses. If you wish to create a storytelling narrative about how you began your business, this is the one. It also comes in handy when you are doing the same presentation in front of different people for years.

Overlays can improve your existing videos. You can use motion graphics to make customized and engaging content that also incorporates your branding.

Logo animations can style up your website, email signature, and others. By creating an animated version of your logo, curious people will flock by to check what you have to offer.

Social media content is probably the most ingenious way to use motion graphics. As mentioned earlier, once you have put your best foot forward in creating a potentially viral video, all you need to do is stand by and watch other people do the work for you.

E-vites with motion graphics are more interesting (and more well-thought-of) than a plain sheet of paper or a boring email. When sending out email blasts to your potential customers, exhibit the right style while giving them the details of your event.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is a lot to gain and almost nothing to lose when incorporating the use of motion graphics in your digital marketing strategies. Try these five methods and reap the benefits for your product, brand, or website.

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