“If you look back and compare you would find that marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 500.”

A recent report released by Adobe unveiled that only 14% of marketers who are planning to reinvent themselves for the new digital age actually know how to do it. This is certainly a big concerned especially when it is the era of social media, mobile advertising and marketing automation.

Marketers have to adapt to the change but idea is that even if they know that they need to reinvent themselves, they don’t know how to go about it.

The report also revealed that out of 1,000 marketing professionals who were studied, 40 percent said that they wanted to reinvent themselves for the digital world but only 14% of them said they knew how to get into digital marketing.

However, the reason behind this lack of digital marketing proficiency is that marketers are not getting the help they need. 30% of those thousand marketing professional who were studied said they could hardly find apposite training for the new marketing skills they need, and another 30% said organizations are not adapting to new technology.

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Moreover, as per the data says marketers with expertise in digital marketing skills get 70 percent higher smartphone traffic to their websites, see visitors spend 30 percent more time, and get 100 percent higher conversion rates.
What’s challenging is that the marketing technology landscape is burgeoning so fast that marketers are being flooded with new marketing, advertising, analytics and automation technologies almost every day. Gigantic new technology solutions from enterprise vendors are competing with cheaper software from upstart startups creating a lot of chaos in the space.

Although a solution to the problem wasn’t offered in the report but it hinted for sure that digital marketing has become very crucial now and that universities and colleges should respond to this need. There are of course a few institutes like Delhi School of Internet marketing that are providing new digital marketing in-depth training but still supply is nowhere near the demands.

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