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Twitter will launch Moments, less-identical version of Snapchat’s Live Stories product to everyone. Twitter desires individuals stitching along stories on its platform. It’s almost similar version of Snapchat’s Stories.

Sometime “in the upcoming months,” anyone on Twitter is able to produce a Moment that cords tweets along into a story. But first, Twitter is opening the product to more “influencers, partners and brands,” i.e., the people it has or would like to possess a business connection with.

Since the introduction of Moments last year, Twitter’s in-house team, as well as convinced publishers and advertisers, are able to create Moments that were usually tied to an ongoing event, news or a precise topic. These Storify-style tweet streams would feature text posts, photos and videos tagging these subjects in a chronological feed, and individuals can subscribe to a Moment to have its updates seem in their main Twitter feed.

The initial version of Moments had always seemed like Twitter’s combat Snapchat’s Live Stories that curate people’s snaps around live events, and therefore the general convenience of Moments will hopefully keep that comparison and blend it with the tweetstorm instead of recast the product as Twitter’s combat Stories.

Meanwhile, Moments will live on their own. They’ll summarize one subject, and then pull together different tweets to explore it, and people tweets are often from anyone. In this manner, Moments is more like Live Stories than Stories, however, it’s open to everyone, unlike on Snapchat or Instagram. And hopefully, that openness is what makes it totally different from yet another way for people to document their day.
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