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Have you given a thought to the term mobile keywords? If not, then it is the right time that you start considering it. While planning and executing a marketing campaign it’s important to keep the mobile keywords separate from the desktop keywords.

In recent years, we have made a quick move towards a mobile-first world. For most of the users these days mobile internet is the only internet they use.

So, it is essential for marketers to lay more emphasis on mobile marketing which somehow means that they need to put more focus on mobile keywords.

We have stepped into times where you need to think mobile first rather than the keywords. It’s quite a challenge to start thinking mobile first, but if you want to reach your target audience which are accessing internet on mobile, then it is must to give your site a mobile SEO boost up.

In this article, we will help you understand that how you can take over the mobile marketing world with your mobile keyword research.

Before, we learn how to perform a mobile keyword search. We need to understand that how are mobile keywords different from desktop ones.

Difference between Mobile and Desktop Keywords

  • The keywords which are optimized for mobile devices are referred to as mobile keywords. These are usually shorter as compared to desktop keywords, because shorter words are easier to type on mobiles.
  • People who are using mobile often use voice search while driving and walking.
  • There is more possibility of errors to occur on mobile rather than the desktop.

The shift in search trends is the major reason that marketers need to do mobile keyword search for getting better results.

#Make it Short

While performing mobile search people often use shorter words, as it is easier to type short keywords. Long-tail keywords don’t work for mobile devices, as they do on desktops.

If you don’t want to miss out to reach your target audience, then it is recommended to keep the keywords short. A secured way to go forward with mobile marketing is to use keywords of 2 to 3 words.

There are various tools with the help of which you can search out for shorter keywords related to your industry.

Here, we have used the most constructive tool, SEMrush. We searched for the keyword, ‘Chinese food restaurants that deliver near me’ and click on the ‘Start now’ button.

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The results we got were all the desktop searches.

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And, the related keywords we found out.

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When you look underneath the ‘Keyword Overview’ option, from there you can select the device.

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You’ll have to select ‘mobile’ and you’ll see that the keywords become more basic and shorter.

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So, it is recommended that you should use shorter keywords for mobile optimization.

#Think about Location

Mobile searches most of the times consist of location element. People like to search for local options on their mobile devices, so it is necessary to consider the location element while creating mobile keywords.

Google is continuously putting more emphasis on mobile search rankings with its algorithms like ‘Pigeon Update’.

Since, mobile searches are local most of the times, you should consider local SEO. If you optimize your business website as per local SEO, then you can easily reach a local audience.

And, by setting up your ‘Google My Business’ you make a presence on Google Maps and in order to be found by the searchers it is must to have this, as with the help of this you can rank better on mobile-based searches.

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While choosing your location-based mobile keywords you must include words like ‘nearby’ and ‘near me’ because most of the users when search on the go look for places using these words. So, if you want to increase the probability of your business to be found by the searcher, then your keywords should be optimized.

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When thinking about alternative searches, non-text-based search has become quite popular. Voice search is one such type. There are programs like Siri, Google Now and Cortana that has made it easier for people to find you just by speaking.

We hope that you were able to see a clear line which exists between desktop and mobile keywords which you were ignoring before. So, if you want your SEO efforts to generate the desired traffic for you, then you should definitely consider mobile keyword research.

And, whenever you perform mobile keyword search make sure that you are thinking from the user perspective to get results from your marketing campaign. So it’s the right time to adapt this search trend and get overall success by start using the above mentioned steps.

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